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Lifetime Licenses


Lifetime License holders are extended the same non-commercial fishing and/or hunting privileges as residents holding an annual license of the same type.
  • Any person who receives a lifetime license issued after August 15, 2006 and is no longer a resident of Illinois, will no longer be eligible for resident deer and turkey hunting permits.
  • License privileges can be revoked in the event of Fish and Aquatic Life or Wildlife Code violations.
  • Persons born on or after January 1, 1980 who possess a Lifetime License or Sportsmen's License shall have in their possession, while in the field, a Certificate of Competency (Hunter Safety) as required by the Wildlife Code.
The Lifetime Hunting, Fishing, and Sportsmen's License Fees
  • Lifetime Hunting = 30 times the Current Resident Hunting License Fee
  • Lifetime Fishing = 30 times the Current Resident Fishing License Fee
  • Lifetime Sportsmen's Combination = 30 times the Current Sportsmen's Combination License Fee
You must notify the Department of an address or name change.
Lifetime Licenses are Non-Refundable.
If you have any questions regarding Lifetime Licenses, please call 217-785-3423.
Department of Natural Resources information is available to the hearing impaired by calling DNR's TTY: 217-782-9175.
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Resident Lifetime Fishing License
Resident Lifetime Hunting License
Resident Lifetime Sportsmen's Combination Hunting/Fishing License