Realty and Environmental Planning

The Office of Realty and Environmental Planning (OREP), is responsible for a variety of review, grant, acquisition, coordination and support functions through its three divisions, the Division of Ecosystems and Environment, the Division of Realty and Planning, and the Division of Concession and Lease Management.

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Photos by Lori Indovina Valus, McHenry, IL

The following is a program contact list, followed by a description of each division within the Office

Program/DivisionOfficeContactE-mail Address
Office of Realty & Environmental Planning  Bob Appleman (Acting)
Ecosystems & Environment Nathan Grider, Division Manager
​Cultural ResourcesDawn

​CERP, EcoCAT & Environmental Reporter

Closely Related Entities

Comprehensive Environmental

Review Program (CERP)

EcoCAT (mapping tool)​Heather

Environmental Reporter

​Justin Dillard
Transportation InfrastructureBrian Willard
Interagency ReviewBradley Hayes
​Local Governments​Adam Rawe
​IEPA Permits (Water)​Brian
​IEPA Permits (Air; Land)​Brian Willard
​Power lines/ Wind Farms/Pipelines​Kyle Burkwald

​Corps of Engineers Office of Water Resources Permit Review

​WetlandsBradley Hayes
Land & Water ReportsBob Spencer
​Land Offers ​Lisa
​Surveys and Plats​Don Moles
Abby Bybee
​Greenways and Trails​Amy
​Region 1 Landscape Architect ​George
​Region 2 Landscape Architect​Laura
​Region 3 Landscape Architect​Vacant/Acting Louis
​Region 4 Landscape Architect​Vacant/Acting Michael
​Region 5 Landscape Architect ​Ned Enrietto
Concession & Lease Mgt. Pam Gray, Division Manager
Farm Lease ManagerMike Chandler
State Park ConcessionShanon Hudgins
Tracy Shafer
LodgesShanon Hudgins
Tracy Shafer

Ecosystems and Environment

Ecosystems and Environment is responsible for implementation of the environmental consultation process (threatened and endangered species, wetlands, natural areas, review of DNR projects). Follow this link for more information on Threatened and Endangered Species


Realty provides real estate appraisal and acquisition assistance to the Department's grant programs. It provides major technical assistance to other Offices, Divisions and Sections within the Department related to land issues, such as the State of Illinois Open Space Land Acquisition & Development Grant Program (OSLAD) and Federal Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant Program (LAWCON or LWCF).

  • Featured Acquisition: Black Crown Marsh is a premier 350-acre wetland site near Moraine Hills S.P. in McHenry County. The marsh provides habitat for 8 endangered or threatened species of wetland dependent birds. This acquisition is a partnership with Corlands/Openlands, Land & Water Conservation Fund and private donation through the Illinois Conservation Foundation.


Planning is responsible for outdoor recreation planning, program administration and project planning/coordination, and for acquiring all real estate used by the Department for recreation, bikeway, natural areas, wildlife habitat, waterfowl, greenways and open space programs. In addition, the division co-sponsors conferences and workshops, provides staff support to the Illinois Greenways and Trails Council, reviews projects through the Recreational Trails Program and the Greenways and Trails Planning Assistance Program, and produces the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).

Concession and Lease Management

Concession and Lease Management is responsible for administering concession lease agreements covering concession operations on DNR lands such as State Park Lodging, food/refreshment sales, watercraft rentals, golf course operations, and horse riding stables. In addition, the division administers legal agreements providing operational activities such as land leases for peripheral or buffer lands and buildings made available for selected uses without adverse impacts to conservation of the natural resources or management of recreational programs. As needed, the division handle utility rights of way to accommodate utility developments which must cross state property; special permits for temporary use or access across DNR land for construction access, resource management activities, or other one-time use; annexation of portions of DNR property to adjacent communities for expansion of public services; and management agreements with other agencies of local, state, or federal government