High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Permit  Image

General Instructions for Application HVHHF-10

  • Registrants must submit this Permit Application with all applicable documentation and receive the approved permit back from DNR prior to beginning any High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHHF) activities.

  • Your permit application will not be considered filed until one full business day after all applicable documentation is received by the Department.

  • Once your permit application and all accompanying documentation are received, the Department will provide notice to the applicant that the application was received.

  • Upon receipt of a permit application the Department will contact the applicant with its decision within 60 calendar days unless the applicant, in writing, waives the 60-day deadline upon its own initiative or in response to a request by the Department.

  • You need an approved OG-10 permit application prior to conducting an HVHHF operation. If applicable, you may apply for the OG-10 concurrently with the HVHHF-10.

  • After completing the permit application (HVHHF-10) you must PRINT the application and mail a hardcopy of the application and all accompanying documentation to:

    • Illinois Department of Natural Resources
      Attn: Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management
      ​HVHHF Unit
      ​One Natural Resources Way
      Springfield, Illinois 62702

  • At the same time you mail the hard copy, you must also mail an electronic copy of the application and all accompanying documentation CD, DVD, or USB.

  • Please complete the permit application in its entirety. If a detail is not known at this time, please respond to that question with unknown  {reason information is not available and when such information will be available}.

    NOTE: Answering some questions with unknown may cause your permit application to be considered not received until the information is provided. If this is the case, the Department will notify the applicant in writing of the applicants deficiencies and allow the applicant to correct the deficiencies or provide the required information to complete the application.

  • Include a non-refundable fee of via certified check or money order of $13,500.00, per permit requested, made payable to Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

  • Please email any questions or requests for assistance regarding permit application ONLY to:

    NOTE: Filing of this application does not relieve the applicant from any other filing requirements under the Act (e.g. Section 245.250s requirement to provide public and governmental notice).

Permit Application HVHHF-10

The Permit Application HVHHF-10 has been divided into 27 documents (pdf). This will facilitate the posting of each permit application (excluding redacted material) on DNR's web site for public review.

  • Download the following 27 documents to your desktop.

  • Complete each document. Documents are a hybrid of fillable portions and notations to signify that additional material is necessary (i.e, images, plans or text). In that case, combine the documents you will use with the attachment provided for you.

  • A file name is provided on each document. Please use the file name provided when you are saving a document.