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  • 08/05/2022: The annual well fee "packet" was mailed out today.  Please take notice of the sheet with the two announcements.

    • The new amounts for annual well fees will take effect in Fiscal Year 2024, which starts July 1, 2023.

    • Starting January 1, 2023, a permittee will pay the new Temporary Abandonment (TA) status fee ($100.00 per well, annually) when the permittee submits a request for TA status.

  • 06/21/2022: The New Operator Packet is available; see link below under "Other Publications."

  • The following forms have recently been revised: OG-03 (and guidance document), OG-04 (and guidance document), OG-05, OG-09, OG-10 (and guidance document), OG-14, OG-18, OG-26A, and OG-26NP.

    Failure to use the revised forms may result in the issuance of a deficiency letter and delay the review of your application.

    The revised forms are available on the list of links below, under "Oil and Gas Forms."

    NOTE: All Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit applications received after April 1, 2018, requesting a Maximum Injection Pressure based upon a treatment or test, must include the corresponding OG-30 or OG-31 form. Failure to utilize the new forms may lead to the receipt of a deficiency letter and delay the permit review process.

  • The following list of applications will be accepted via email if sent to

    • OG-03 Permit Application to Drill, Deepen or Convert to a Class II Injection Well

    • OG-04 Application to Amend a Class II Injection Well Permit

      All other applications are required to be mailed to:

      Illinois Department of Natural Resources
      Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management
      One Natural Resources Way
      Springfield, IL 62702-1271

      The Department will afford five (5) business days, following the date an application is determined received, for arrival of items that are not currently accepted via email, such as payment or the original certification of publication, if required, prior to sending a deficiency letter. Please include the original application when mailing these items with a cover letter, indicating the application was also submitted via email. Please make sure scanned items are legible and include the operator, or permittee, number and well name in the Subject line of the email.

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