OG10 Permit Application General Instructions

  1. Fill in all blanks on the OG-10 Permit Application that apply.

  2. Answer all questions. Most are yes, or no answers, however, three questions may not apply (N/A) to your permit application.

  3. A registered Illinois Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer must sign the first page of the application certifying the location of the proposed new well. Do not sign and make this certification if you are not a registered Illinois Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer.

  4. The cites to the Administrative Rules and Statutes are provided for additional instruction on how to fill in any blanks that apply, or answer the questions on the permit application.

  5. Please review the administrative rule, or statute section (included in the instruction booklet) that appliesto a particular question, or questions, if you are unsure how to answer.

  6. Carefully review the entire application and all the attached documents to ensure it is complete, accurate, and complies with the requirements of the application, Administrative Rules, and Statute before submitting it to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management.

  7. If necessary, please consult an Illinois professional - geologist, engineer, lawyer, or consultant - for additional assistance with this application. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources cannot make any recommendations for such a professional; if you need a recommendation, you might consider
    contacting the Illinois Oil & Gas Association.

  8. Copies of the Administrative Rules and Statute sections cited in the OG-10 are included in the instruction booklet which may be helpful in completing the application.

  9. There are also cites to Statutes, administrative rules, and websites which may be useful in the permit application process at the end of the instruction booklet.

  10. Please open the OG-10 form and save it to your desktop. You may complete the form in its fillable format (fillable PDF), or you may print out the form and complete it by hand.

  11. Please be aware that as of September 12, 2014, the permit application fee has increased from $100.00 to $300.00.

  12. Whichever method you decide to complete the form, it must be mailed to:

    • Illinois Department of Natural Resources
      Office of Oil and Gas Resource Management
      One Natural Resources Way
      Springfield, Illinois 62702