Moraine View

​Accessibility Features at Moraine View

  • The parking lot is paved and the concession has four accessible parking spaces 5' from the sidewalk. Timber point picnic area has a paved parking lot with a 2' distance to the sidewalk. The shower house has two accessible parking spots with a 2' distance to the sidewalk. Honkers Island picnic area has one accessible parking spot with 50' distance to the sidewalk. 

  • All sidewalks are concrete.

  • The park office has a wheelchair ramp.

  • Trails - Timber Point picnic area offers a 1/2 mile wheelchair accessible trail. Turn right at the stop sign on the main road and Timber Point will be on your third left turn. 

  • Fishing - three accessible fishing docks are located at the concession. An additional wheelchair accessible dock is located on the east side of the park across from Honker's Island picnic area. 

  • The shower house in Gander Bay Campground has four accessible restrooms and four accessible showers. The concession/restaurant also offers accessible restrooms. 

  • Camping - Gander Bay Campground has eight Class A (showers & electricity) accessible campsites. These campsites are P1, P3, A-15, B-2, B-3, B-12, B-15 and D-7. Turn left at the stop sign on the main road to proceed to Gander Bay.

  • There is an accessible horse ramp at the Timber Ridge Horse Campground.

  • Service animals are welcome in the park.

  • There is an accessible kayak launch at the concession/restaurant.