Rock Cut

​Accessibility Features at Rock Cut

  • Parking - Most of our parking lots are asphalt, but we do have a few gravel lots.  There are accessible parking spaces in many lots, and some of our concrete sidewalks touch our parking lots. Our park office does not have a wheelchair ramp, and there are five steps to the office. Please call the park office for assistance 815-885-3311.  

  • Restrooms - Rock Cut offers many accessible restroom facilities throughout the park.  They can be found in our campground and our picnic areas.  They can also be found at our main concession area and boat launch.

  • Showers - There are two shower houses with accessible bathrooms and shower stalls.  Both of our shower buildings are in the campgrounds.  One is between Prairie View and White Oak, and the other is in the middle of Plum Grove. 

  • Camping - There are accessible camping sites in all of our camping loops.  To make reservations, go to ExploreMoreIL™ 

  • Fishing - There are two lakes in our park, but only Pierce Lake has accessible fishing piers and parking. We are in the process of completing a kids fishing pond that will be wheelchair accessible. 

  • Hunting - Rock Cut has a 3-day deer and turkey hunt for hunters with disabilities in November. For information about the hunt or anything else about Rock Cut, call 815-885-3311.

  • Trails - There are five paved trails throughout Rock Cut. A 3-mile trail south of Hwy 173 (West Lane Rd.), the 1-mile Puri Path trail just south of the main park road, a 2-mile trail from the southwest corner of the park north to Hart Road, a 1-mile trail from the Pierce Lake spillway east to Perryville Rd., and a 3/4-mile trail from our concession to our spillway.  

  • Shelters - There are five shelters at Rock Cut that have accessible grills and picnic tables. West Lake shelter, it has a 100' concrete sidewalk from the parking lot to the shelter. Puri Crest shelter, it has a 50' long concrete sidewalk from the parking lot to the shelter. Lions Club shelter, it has a 100' long gravel sidewalk that is not perfectly level between the parking lot and shelter. The Red Oak shelter, it has approximately 50' of grass between the parking lot and shelter. Lastly, Bay View, it has 100' of uneven grass and dirt between the parking lot and shelter. 

  • Service Dogs are welcome, and there is access to water fountains in the day use areas and hydrants in our campground.