Rock Island Trail

​Accessibility Features at Rock Island Trail

  • Parking - The park has an asphalt parking lot with accessible parking spaces. There is 20' to the nearest concrete sidewalk. 

  • There is a wheelchair ramp to the park office.

  • There is a 24.7- mile accessible trail that does have benches for sitting. Trail is of easy difficultly. There are 20 steps at the Twin Oaks picnic area (Mile 2) of the trail. 

  • There is an accessible restroom in the Wyoming office and the Visitor Center. 
  • The Visitor Center has a paved parking lot with accessible restrooms and water fountains.
  • Benches are available in the Visitor Center.

  • Motorized wheelchairs, scooters, and Segway devices are permitted in the park.

  • Service animals are allowed in the park, but there are no outdoor water fountains or hydrants.