Coffeen Lake


The Main Access (lower pool) provides a two-lane ramp and a parking lot with an accessible loading platform and reserved parking stalls. The North Access (upper pool) provides a single lane ramp, an accessible courtesy dock and a parking lot.

Motors of 25 horsepower or less are allowed to operate on the lake. (Boats with larger motors are allowed, but are restricted to trolling motor operation only.) Motors larger than 25 horsepower can be used for loading and unloading a trailered watercraft, provided the watercraft is operated at a no-wake speed within 150 feet of the loading ramp.


Twenty-two species of fish are present in the lake, but most anglers seek largemouth bass, white crappie, channel catfish and striped bass. Coffeen Lake boasts excellent largemouth bass and channel catfish populations. Coffeen Lake has nearly 50 miles of shoreline and is deeper than most Illinois lakes, averaging nearly 19 feet with a maximum depth of 59 feet. Power plant operations influence fish activity and fishing success, There are plenty of opportunities for bank fishing available at all boat access areas. Posted site-specific regulations for bass and crappie are enforced. All fishing tournaments must be scheduled through the site office.


Deer, squirrel, turkey, coyote and waterfowl hunting are allowed. Check site specific regulations at the site office. Site permits are required. Hunter Fact Sheet

Picnicking, Camping & Concessions

Toilets, drinking water and picnic facilities are available at the main access area. A private campground is located just to the north of the main access area. Bait, supplies and food can be obtained there.


A controlled aquatic furbearer trapping program allows the harvest of a valued renewable resource. A public drawing is held for site trapping permits the last Saturday of October prior to each trapping season.