Activities at Golconda Marina

Site Brochure

The site where the marina is located was created in 1937 when barrow dirt from this area was used to build the flood wall around the town of Golconda. The resulting pit formed a water impoundment area that offered excellent trapping and fishing opportunities.

A large bluff located on the north side of the marina is called Rauchfuss Hill. The site also has been known as Steamboat Hill, because it offers the best location to watch boats go up and down the Ohio River. The U.S. Forest Service acquired the bluff and built a camping area overlooking the Ohio River; the site now is owned by the Department of Natural Resources. This area offers a picnic area and a hiking trail up the historic steps on the south bluff, which is registered with the National Historical Society.

Another hiking trail will be built off the old railroad bed which is 3,300 feet long. This trail will be rebuilt up the east slope this winter by the Ohio River

Recreational boaters find the miles of shoreline, numerous islands and deep, clean water of the Smithland Pool provide excellent fishing and endless hours of skiing and boating pleasure.