Activities at Mississippi River SFWA


Boating along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers provides many opportunities for relaxing, sunning, enjoying the scenic shoreline and bluffs, watching birds and viewing the majesty of these great river systems. Small boats and canoe operators might better appreciate the shelter and quiet beauty that can be found in the backwater lakes.


Anglers are welcome, but certain areas are restricted during waterfowl season. These areas are clearly posted each year.


Hunting Maps

Most areas within the Mississippi River Area are specifically managed for waterfowl, with 348 blind sites allocated by public drawing for three-year periods. Waterfowl check stations are operated on the five more intensively-used areas. Forest game hunting is popular in most areas. Upland game is available, but seldom productive, due to annual flooding.

Nearly 40 miles of the mighty Mississippi River are available via the Piasa Creek Access Area and Royal Landing. The Glades, Godar Diamond, Hadley Landing and Michael Landing provide access along 35 miles of the Illinois River. All of these areas are contained in Navigation Pool 26.

Access to 33 miles of Navigation Pool 25 are above Winfield Dam (Lock and Dam 25), Cockrell Hollow, Red's Landing and Riprap Landing. Other Major Boat Access Ramps


Picnickers will appreciate the pristine beauty of the area at picnic areas scattered throughout the area.