Activities at Rock Island Trail State Park


A Class D (primitive) camping area is located between Alta and Dunlap in the Kickapoo Creek Recreation Area and accessible only by trail. Facilities include pit toilets, fire pads, picnic tables, a picnic shelter and water. There is a self-pay camping station located off Fox Road at the overnight parking lot.


Improved access points to Rock Island Trail are at Alta, Wyoming and Toulon. Hikers, bikers and skiers will enjoy more than 26 miles of uninterrupted nature. Parking, water and pit toilets are located at access areas. Parking-only facilities are located at Dunlap (on Parks School Road) and Peoria/Stark County line (North Cedar Bluff Road, 00N). Where the trail intersects the small towns along its route of city streets and sidewalks, directional signs are utilized.

The park office is in the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Depot located in Wyoming. The depot serves as a visitor center/railroad museum and is a mute testimony to the hundreds of passengers who traveled along the railway just 100 years ago. Since the depot is open as staffing is available, phone (309) 695-2228 if planning a visit.