Activities at Woodford SFWA


The site provides boat docks and a public boat ramp. There is no horsepower limit. Large boats are unable to navigate the shallow backwater lakes.


Sites for tents and trailers are provided. Water pit privies and a sanitary dump station are available. Due to periodic flooding of the Illinois River, it is advisable to call ahead and check on conditions before you visit.


The fishing water consists of a broad expanse of the Illinois River known as Upper Peoria Lake and Goose Lake, plus 3,475 feet of manmade fishing channels. These channels provide excellent bullhead and crappie fishing in the late winter and early spring because the wells keep the channels free from ice.


Squirrel hunting is allowed and designated blind sites are offered for waterfowl hunting.


The area provides a day-use area with picnic tables, stoves and a shelter.


More than 3 miles of marked trails are available for hiking, cross-country skiing and hunter access from January 1st through October 1st. Because the trail area is composed of levees used as a waterfowl management area, trails are closed during fall migration. No bicycles or other vehicles are allowed on the trails.

Please: This area is for all to enjoy so help keep it clean. Put all litter in the nearest available trash container. No flowers, plants, shrubs or trees may be removed or damaged. If you need help or have a question, contact the site manager.