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Camping (Equestrian) at Matthiessen State Park


An equestrian campground for horseback riders and their horses is located west of Route 178 between Route 71 and the Dells Area entrance. Alcohol is prohibited in all campgrounds. The horseback riders camping and multi-use trails are open from May 1st (weather permitting-determined by park staff) to October 31. Call 815-667-4726 to check conditions and status before coming to use these facilities.

The equestrian campground is for horseback riders only please. Sites are first come first serve and reservations cannot be made through the park or online. Campers will complete a registration envelope at the campground and drop the information and fee for the night in the box provided at the campground. Cost per night is $10. There are 14 sites that come with a picnic table and grill. Electricity and tie lines are not available, campers will need to bring their own generators. There are restrooms, water hydrants, and a mounting station located at the campground.

Image of equestrian campground
Image of equestrian campground
Image of equestrian campground