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Horseshoe Lake Alexander County

Park Activities:

2020 Waterfowl Season Updates:

  • Each morning hunters will park in the corresponding position number (1-15) on their permit.
  • Hunters will remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • Once the draw begins, hunters will pull up to the selection area as directed by staff and select a blind off the board (the hunters will have 18 blinds to select from).
  • The hunter will receive a copy of the rules and regulations, site map, and blind specific map and they will head to their blind.
  • Hunting ends at 12:00 and the gates will be closed at 12:30.
  • All hunters must complete harvest report cards at the end of each day's hunt.
  • Only one vehicle allowed per permit holder.

As you explore the Horseshoe Lake State Fish & Wildlife Area, you may be reminded of the Deep South. The charm of bald cypress, tupelo gum, swamp cottonwood trees and wild lotus makes the recreational activities at the site even more enjoyable.

Located in Alexander County just east of Illinois Route 3, 7 miles north of Cairo, the 10,200 acre area includes a 2,400 acre shallow lake. In addition to taking in the beauty of the natural features of the area, visitors enjoy picnicking, camping, boating, fishing and hunting.

  • While groups of 25 or more are welcome and encouraged to use the park's facilities, they are required to register in advance with the site office to avoid crowding or scheduling conflicts.
  • At least one responsible adult must accompany each group of 15 minors.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes at all times.
  • Actions by nature can result in closed roads and other facilities. Please call ahead to the park office before you make your trip.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Remember, take only memories, leave only footprints.

Park Information:

Southern Illinois

21204 Promised Land Rd.
Miller City IL 62962




N: 37.140
W: -89.343

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