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Matthiessen State Park

NOTICE: Sunflower fields are only accessible to dove hunters September 1st through September 30th. Pedestrians are no longer allowed in the fields at this time of the year-thank you.

September 16th, 2021 Closures:  The horseback campground and horse trails leading from the campground will be closed until further notice in order for line work to take place in the area.  

Visitor Information:

  1. Matthiessen Dells area and Vermillion River Area typically shutdown on weekends May through October when they have reached full capacity (parking lots are full) around 10 a.m. and will not reopen again until 3 p.m.

  2. Playgrounds and picnic shelters are first come, first served.

  3. Please practice social distancing at all times.

  4. Masks must be worn inside of the public restrooms and buildings if you are not vaccinated.


  • No Swimming in park waterfalls, creeks, or the River.

  • Rock Climbing/rapelling is not allowed anywhere in the park.

  • Bicycles, scooters, skates, and skateboards are not allowed on the trails in the Matthiessen Dells Area. Bike trails can be found at the Matthiessen Vermillion River Area only.

  • Drones are not allowed at either park.

  • Metal detecting is not allowed at either park.

  • It is illegal to possess alcohol at either park.

  • It is illegal to possess intoxicating substances at either park.

  • It is illegal to go off trail or make new trails at either park. Please follow paved trails that are wider than two people and marked with posts, dots on trees, and maps at intersections.

Trails and Trail Map

Canyons, streams, prairie and forest combine to delight visitors at Matthiessen State Park. Located in LaSalle County, approximately 4 miles south of Utica, and 3 miles east of Oglesby, Matthiessen is a paradise for those interested in geology, as well as recreation. Visitors can expect to see beautiful rock formations in addition to unusual and abundant vegetation and wildlife. All of this, along with park and picnic facilities, make Matthiessen State Park a popular choice for an outing.

Matthiessen Trail Map Matthiessen Trail Map

Park Information:

Northwestern Illinois

Box 509
Utica IL 61373




N: 41.286
W: -89.025

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