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Mazonia-Braidwood State Fish and Wildlife Area

Park Activities:

2020 Waterfowl Season Update:

  1. When hunters arrive, one hunter from the party will check in at the window of the main office.
  2. Staff will record all hunters' names in that party on a sign-in/waterfowl harvest card.
  3. The hunting party's card will be put in a barrel to be drawn for stake allocation.  Hunters will receive a stake map if requested.
  4. Staff will keep card and ask the hunter that checked in the party to return to their vehicle and tune their vehicle's radio to a specific frequency for announcements (signage will list radio frequency).
  5. At designated draw time, staff will make daily announcements over FM transmitter and/or bull horn.
  6. As staff draws a card, it will be announced over the FM transmitter and/or bull horn along with hunters' names.
  7. Selected party's representative will come to the check station again and choose hunting stake from map at check station.
  8. Hunting party will receive their sign-in/waterfowl harvest card with their chosen stake and then the chosen stake will be announced.  It is recommended that Hunters keep track of blinds taken during the draw to help speed up the process.
  9. Hunting party pulls away, goes to stake and records harvest under each respective hunter on the card at the end of the hunt.
  10. Hunting party places card in the lock box located outside the main office at the end of each day's hunt. 
  11. There will be no re-draw for blinds this year.
  12. There will be no standby drawings after the main draw for Braidwood Lake and the Mazonia North and South Units.
  13. Mazonia North and South Unit blinds will follow the same procedure for open blinds available daily.



The IDNR Mazonia-Braidwood complex is one of northeast Illinois' most popular destinations for hunting and fishing.  Mazonia State Fish and Wildlife Area features 1,017 acres and is located in Grundy County 3 miles southeast of Braidwood on Illinois Route 53 and Huston Road.  Braidwood Lake Fish and Wildlife Area - including the partially perched cooling lake for the Braidwood Generating Station -​ is 2,640 acres and is located in Will County south of Braidwood off Illinois Route 53.

The site includes more than 200 water impoundments ranging from 3/4 to 30 acres in size. Anglers may try their luck catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, crappie, channel catfish and bullhead. Good wildlife habitat can be found on the site in the 700 acres of grassland, brushy draws and limited woodland cover. Braidwood Lake currently is used for fishing, waterfowl hunting, fossil hunting by permit, and as a waterfowl refuge. Mazonia is also managed for waterfowl hunting, with quality habitat. ​​​​

Park Information:

Northeastern Illinois

IL Route 53 & Huston Rd.
Braceville IL 60407




N: 41.215
W: -88.270

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