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Shelbyville State Fish and Wildlife Area

2020 Waterfowl Season Updates:

  • Kaskaskia Unit (Johnathan Creek, Fish Hook & Carr Bottoms)
  • West Okaw Unit (McGee & Dunn)

Due to the rise in COVID cases along with several other factors including but not limited to; reduction in food due to flood waters held above levee elevation until August 25th, early frost occurring on October 5th eliminating seed head on planted millet, hunters traveling in from counties with high COVID positivity rates, and levee damage (Fish Hook Subs) from flood waters Shelbyville SFWA will NOT conduct drawings for the 2020 season.  The usual draw for October 24th and October 25th will NOT be held, instead the entire site will be first come first serve for the duration of the 2020 waterfowl season.

For the first two days (October 24th and 25th) you must fill out a provided harvest card and place on dashboard next to site windshield card.  There will be drop boxes and harvest card packets at the Park Office as well as at the Fish Hook Check Station.  Harvest card packets will be available around 3 am each morning, once the packets are gone so are the blinds. Each packet will include a numbered harvest card (matching the selected site) as well as site rules, maps, and GPS coordinates. Please be aware that you are still responsible for reporting all harvests on the SFWA by February 15th, 2021. We recommend that you report your harvest daily online in order to avoid being locked out or overloading the system on February 15th.

Windshield cards are still mandatory throughout the SFWA.  Hunting concludes within the managed areas (Dunn, McGee, J. Creek, and Fish Hook) at 1 pm daily and all hunters must exit the managed areas by 2pm each day throughout the entire waterfowl season.  All of our other regulations remain in place and will be posted at the parking lots as well as available on the IDNR website at https://www2.illinois.gov/dnr/Pages/default.aspx.  Anyone may call the office at 1-217-665-3112 or use Facebook to request  maps and hunter facts sheets be mailed to their residence - please be clear and detailed if you leave a voicemail. Someone will be at the site office early to answer the phone (1-217-665-3112) on Oct 24th and 25th, however there will be very limited or no hunter/staff interaction.

Have a safe and enjoyable waterfowl season, hopefully next year we will be back to our normal operating procedures.


Located along the Kaskaskia and West Okaw rivers near Sullivan, the Shelbyville State Fish and Wildlife Area offers some of the best hunting, river fishing, and nature study opportunities in Illinois. The area contains more than 6,000 acres of mixed habitats including forests, prairies, restored grasslands, old fields, brush, wetlands, rivers, streams and cropland in the upper reaches of the 34,000-acre Lake Shelbyville project area.

Lake Shelbyville is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facility, built as part of a general comprehensive plan for the development of the Kaskaskia Basin for flood control, recreation, water supply, and fish and wildlife conservation. The 11,000-acre lake and its surrounding uplands form a scenic background for a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

Shelbyville SFWA is composed of two separate units. The Kaskaskia Unit (eastern) covers 3,700-acres and the West Okaw Unit (western) is about 2,500 acres. These are managed primarily to promote diverse habitats to accommodate a wide variety of wildlife species, and support related recreational opportunities. Because of its focus on hunting and fishing, the area has no camping, picnicking or day-use facilities.

Hunters and anglers will find six small boat launching facilities conveniently located in the wildlife areas, while those with larger watercraft are advised to use the larger access areas offered at marinas, state parks or Corps of Engineers sites.​​​​​​​

Park Information:

East Central Illinois

562 State Hwy 121
Bethany IL 61914




N: 39.634
W: -88.708

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