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March 3, 2010  

IDNR Seeks Pre-Proposals for State Wildlife Conservation Grants

State Wildlife Grant Program Intended to Protect Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is now accepting pre-proposals for grants for projects through the 2010 State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program.  The SWG program, funded through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, provides funds specifically for the protection and management of non-game species in the greatest need of conservation as identified in the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan.

Those organizations interested in seeking funds for wildlife conservation projects in Illinois are asked to submit their grant pre-proposals by cut/pasting the application form (at the IDNR/ IL Wildlife Action Plan website) into an MS Word document and then by attaching it in an email sent no later than April 2, 2010.

The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan outlines specific steps – developed by scientists, sportsmen, conservationists and members of the community – to conserve wildlife before species become rarer and more costly to protect.  The SWG program provides funding to every state and territory to support cost effective conservation aimed at keeping wildlife from becoming endangered. 

In Illinois, the program is administered by the IDNR Office of Resource Conservation.

Annual SWG funds given to each state and territory are disbursed according to population and land area, and are contingent upon annual funding appropriated by Congress.  Under new guidelines released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for 2007, the new "Planning" definition allows for a match of 75 percent federal funds to 25 percent state funds within certain parameters.  The new "Implementation" definition allows for a match to 65 percent federal funds to 35 percent state funds for total project costs.

Information on the pre-proposal application for the State Wildlife Grant program is available on the IDNR web site at:

The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan is available on the IDNR web site for review and/or to download at:

For more information on the State Wildlife Grant program in Illinois, contact the IDNR Watershed Protection Section, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702-1271, James Renn - phone 217/ 785-5907, e-mail:  

The deadline for submitting SWG2010 project pre-proposals for State Wildlife Grants is at the close of business on April 2, 2010.