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Chronic Wasting Disease Management

Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, is a fatal disease of the central nervous system in deer and elk. 

Since the first case of Chronic Wasting Disease was discovered in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources started a "targeted surveillance program" for CWD in wild deer which was first proposed by the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, a diagnostic and research service which investigates wildlife diseases.


This site provides consolidated CWD information including: CWD statistics that show the Total Cases per Year and Total Cases per Year per County, FAQ's, a query system for samples taken, test results for hunters, annual reports, and other CWD resources. 

Below is an interactive map that contains all of the township sections where positive CWD samples were found. Click on the red box to see what years positive samples were reported for the section. ​



Below is a series of videos:  Part 1-Introduction, Part 2-Testing CWD Samples, Part 3-Sharpshooting, 

Part 4-Common Questions, Research and Safe Handling of Deer. 

Click on the title "Illinois Chronic Wasting Disease Management" (top strip) for viewing


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Pamphlet on Chronic Wasting Disease

Summary of Illinois’s CWD surveillance and management


CWD Management in Illinois: Fact or Fiction?

Explains various things you may have heard about CWD


Late-Winter Deer and CWD Hunting Permit Information

Document containing the season dates and counties that are open

 for the Late-Winter and CWD firearm seasons


Late Winter/CWD Deer Counties Map​

Most recent map showing which counties are open for

CWD and Late-Winter firearm season

Illinois Cumulative CWD-Infected Sections Map

Illinois Cumulative CWD-Infected Sections as of April 29, 2021

CWD Check Station Locations Map

Map of all mandatory check stations in Northern Illinois

CWD Testing Locations – How & Where to Get Your Deer Tested​​​​

List of sampling vendors and head drop-off stations to have your deer 

tested for CWD


Chronic Wasting Disease Test Results

Check your test results by entering your phone number you provided 

with your sample


Chronic Wasting Disease Query System

Find the number of CWD-positive cases and samples collected by year, 

by county, or statewide


Firearm Deer Hunting Regulations for CWD Counties

Instructions and check station locations for hunters in CWD counties


Administrative Rule 17-625​ 

Regulations for Special White-Tailed Deer Season for Disease Control​


Illinois Department of Agriculture’s CWD Webpage

Find advice for deer hunters and meat processors on how to field

dress deer and cut up carcasses to avoid prions and more.