Mission And Structure

Our Mission


The Office of Water Resources is the lead state agency for water resources planning, navigation, floodplain management, the National Flood Insurance Program, water supply, drought, and interstate organizations on water resources. Interagency duties include the state water plan, drought response, flood emergency situation reports, and the comprehensive review of Illinois water use law.


The primary capital activity of the office is in the area of urban flood damage reduction. The office assists units of local government with urban flood damage reduction projects through planning, design, construction, and financial assistance. The urban program also features the acquisition of flood prone homes and businesses.


Structure and Duties of the Illinois Office of Water Resources


The Office of Water Resources consists of two Divisions: the Division of Capital Programs and the Division of Resource Management.


The Division of Capital Programs administers the Urban Flooding Mitigation program, water supply planning including water withdrawals from Federal reservoirs, stream gaging, and operation and maintenance of state facilities including Stratton Lock and Dam and Sinnissippi dam. The Division of Capital Programs is the Technical Liaison to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and provides daily briefings on flood conditions of monitored streams throughout the state and its boundary waters during and following a flood or other disaster


The Division of Regulatory Programs administers regulatory programs over construction in the floodways of rivers, lakes, and streams; construction in the shore waters of Lake Michigan; construction and operation of dams; construction in public bodies of water; and diversion of water from Lake Michigan.  Resource Management inspects dams, gives permits, coordinates the National Flood Insurance Program and regulates floodplains.