• Statewide Flood Damage Reduction
  • Support Community Flood Mitigation Plans
  • Leverage Federal Flood Mitigation Dollars
  • Encourage CRS Community Activities
  • Public Water Access and Management

Eligible Recipients

  • Local Governments
  • NFIP Communities
  • Counties
  • Communities with approved floodplain development ordinance

Local Responsibilities

  • Oversee structure acquisition and demolition of floodprone structures per Intergovernmental Agreement
  • Pay any project costs in excess of those supported by the program
  • Maintain acquired parcels as open space in perpetuity
  • Acquire all local permits for the project
  • Pay for any utility relocations required by the project
  • Maintain eligibility in the National Flood Insurance Program

Funding Limits

  • $1,000,000. Maximum / community / project
  • $25,000. Minimum

Eligible Projects

Section 5: Acquisition and demolition of repetitive loss and severely damaged floodprone structures statewide.

Engineering Design

Section 110: Acquisition and demolition of lands and structures in the 100-year floodplain in counties authorized to prepare stormwater management plans
Section 120: Flood mitigation in declared disaster areas

Ineligible Activities

  • Reimbursement for previously completed projects
  • Maintenance / Operation or Repair costs
  • Purchase of structure contents
  • Equipment purchases
  • Relocation / temporary housing costs
  • Floodproofing private properties
  • Elevating private properties


  • Projects in NFIP communities
  • Projects in an approved floodplain mitigation plan
  • Removal of repetitive loss or substantially damaged properties
  • Cost share to leverage Federal dollars
  • Mitigation activities that supplement public flood control projects
  • Property acquisition for public water access or management
  • B/C ratio > 1

Repetitive Loss

Four or more separate claim payments of more than $5,000 each (including building and contents payments); or

Two or more separate claim payments (building payments only) where the total of the payments exceeds the current market value of the property.

Selection Criteria

  • Public Safety
  • Financial Need
  • Mitigation Plan
  • Statewide Implementation
  • Environmental Clearances
  • Benefit-cost
  • Related Public Benefits
  • Public Safety (0 - 10 Points)
  • Immediate Threat to Health or Safety of the Community
  • Removal of repetitive loss or substantially damaged properties
  • Frequent Evacuation Site
  • Transportation Benefits

Terms of Agreement

  • IDNR will reimburse community for approved Project costs
  • No pre-agreement reimbursement
  • IDNR will provide technical assistance
  • Project administration costs not provided
  • Relocation / temporary housing costs not provided
  • Purchases in the name of the state with future convance to the community
  • NFIP Community
  • Environmental clearances
  • IDNR willing to participate in condemnation if necessary
  • Community to maintain open space in perpetuity