Administrative Rules (Adopted)


Illinois' Adopted Administrative Rules pertinent to Natural Resources are listed below by major and minor category.
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 Governmental Organization

expand Governmental Organization
02-826Freedom of Information

 Discrimination Procedures

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expand Lands
expand Fish and Wildlife
17-115Competitive Tournament Fishing on State Owned and/or Leased Water Areas (Repealer)
expand Lands
17-130Camping on Department of Natural Resources Properties
17-150Regulations for the Letting of Concessions, Farm Leases, Sale of Buildings and Facilities, and Demolitions
17-210Rental of Boats and Boating Facilities
17-230North Point Marina Vendors
17-390Non-Departmental Research on DNR Managed Lands
expand Fish and Wildlife
17-515Hunting and Trapping Accidents
17-525Nuisance Wildlife Control Permits
17-530Cock Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Bobwhite Quail, and Rabbit Hunting
17-570Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon, Opossum, Striped Skunk, Weasel, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Coyote, Badger, River Otter, Beaver, Bobcat and Woodchuck (Groundhog) Trapping
17-630Disease Free Animals
17-640Outfitter Regulations
17-660White-Tailed Deer Hunting By Use of Muzzleloading Rifles
17-675Special White-Tailed Deer Season for Disease Control
17-685Youth Hunting Seasons
17-700Wild Swine
17-715The Taking of Wild Turkeys - Fall Gun Season
17-730Dove Hunting
17-745Hunting Season/Game Breeding and Hunting Preserve Areas
17-760Crossbow and Standing Vehicle Hunting Authorizations
17-810Sport Fishing Regulations for the Waters of Illinois
17-850Commercial Fishing in Lake Michigan
17-870Aquaculture, Transportation, Stocking, Importation and/or Possession of Aquatic Life
17-880The Taking of Reptiles and Amphibians Under a Sport Fishing License
17-890Fish Removal with Chemicals
17-897Lake Michigan Aquatic Plant Management
17-930Field Trials on Private Lands
17-960Dog Training on Non-Department Owned or -Managed Land
expand Endangered Species
17-1010Illinois List of Endangered and Threatened Fauna
17-1070Possession of Specimens or Products of Endangered or Threatened Species
17-1080Incidental Taking of Endangered or Threatened Species
expand Forestry
17-1515Conservation Reserve Enhancemen Program (CREP)
17-1530Forest Products Transportation Act
17-1536Forestry Development Cost-Share Program
17-1538Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
17-1540Distribution and Sale of Plant and Plant Materials
17-1560Forest Fire Protection Districts Act
17-1570Rural Community Fire Protection Program
17-1585Wrongful Tree Cutting
expand Law Enforcement
17-2010Boat and Snowmobile Registration and Safety
17-2050Conservation Police Officer Professional Standards
17-2080Operation of Watercraft Carrying Passengers For Hire on Illinois Waters
expand Administrative Services
17-2520Selling and Consignment of Licenses, Stamps and Permits
17-2575Relocation Assistance and Payments
17-2650Advertising in Department Publications
expand Grants
17-3010Snowmobile Grant Program
17-3025Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Grant Program
17-3035Boat Access Area Development Program
17-3045Off-Highway Vehicle Recreational Trails Grant Program
17-3051Illinois Natural Areas Stewardship Grant Program
17-3070PARC Grant Program
17-3080Illinois Veteran Recreation Corps Grant Program
expand Water Resources
17-3700Construction in FLoodways of Rivers, Lakes and Streams
17-3704Regulation of Public Waters
17-3708Floodway Construction in Northeastern Illinois
17-3730Allocation of Water From Lake Michigan
expand Nature Preserves Commission
17-4005Public Meeting on Proposed Action - Nature Preserves Commission
17-4015Regulation of Public Use of Illinois Dedicated Nature Preserves

 State Museum

expand State Museum
23-3210Illinois State Museum

 Mines and Minerals

expand Abandoned Mined Lands (AML)
62-2501Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation
expand Explosives and Aggregates
62-300Surfaced Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act
expand Land Reclamation
62-1701General Definitions
62-1703Exemption for Coal Extraction Incident to Government-Financed Highway or Other Construction
62-1761Areas Designated by Act of Congress
62-1764State Processes for Designation Areas Unsuitable for Surface Coal Mining Operations
62-1773Requirements for Permits and Permit Processing
62-1777General Content Requirements for Permit Applications
62-1779Surface Mining Permit Applications-Minimum Requirements for Information on Environmental Resources
62-1783Underground Mining Permit Applications-Minimum Requirements for Information on Environmental Resources
62-1785Requirements for Permits for Special Categories
62-1800Bonding and Insurance Requirements for Surface Coal Mining Operations
62-1815Permanent Performance Standards - Coal Exploration
62-1817Permanent Program Performance Standards - Underground Mining Activities
62-1823Special Program Performance Standards - Operations on Prime Farmland State Enforcement
62-1825Special Permanent Program Performance Standards-Operations on High Capability Lands
62-1828Special Permanent Program Performance Standards-In Situ Processing
62-1843State Enforcement
62-1846Individual Civil Penalties
62-1848General Rules Relating to Procedure and Practice
expand Mine Safety and Training
62-100Procedure in Administrative Proceedings
62-180Authority to Take Appropriate Action in an Emergency
62-225Use of Permissible Explosives in Underground Coal Mines
62-280Illinois Surface Coal Mining Operations
expand Oil and Gas
62-240The Illinois Oil and Gas Act
62-250Oil and Gas Wells on Public Lands Act