Birds of Illinois

2/4/2023 2/4/2023
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Fly into this workshop and take a closer look at how birds use their physical characteristics to adapt to the environment and how each species has a unique niche in the ecosystem. Many visual aids as well as mounted bird specimens will be on hand for observation. Come dressed to take a walk along the Kaskaskia River identifying birds in their natural habitat. Educators will learn first-hand by participating in educational activities related to birds and will receive many resources to incorporate into the curriculum. Although targeted to teachers of grades three through six, other educators are welcome to register and attend the workshop but may need to adapt the materials as appropriate. Supplemental resources will be provided. Professional Development Hours are available. This workshop is part of the ENTICE (Environment and Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education) program from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
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Educator Workshop
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Leaflet | OSM
Carlyle Lake Visitors Center
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801 Lake Road
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Carlyle IL 62231
801 Lake Road Carlyle IL 62231
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