Illinois Birds for Junior High and High School Teachers

6/21/2023 6/21/2023
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Bring the biodiversity of Illinois birds into your classroom. Targeted for educators of junior high school and high school, this workshop will focus on the ecology of birds. We will spend time in the field studying avian behavior and participating in a bird banding demonstration. We will also provide bird banding data sets for two species of birds to take back to your classroom for students to analyze and interpret. You will leave feeling confident leading students in observing and interpreting birds while meeting Next Generation Science Standards. Educators of other grade levels are welcome to register for the workshop, but the information may need to be adapted, as appropriate. Professional Development Hours are available. This workshop is part of the ENTICE (Environment and Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education) program from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
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Educator Workshop
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Leaflet | OSM
Sagawau Environmental Learning Center
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12545 West 111th Street
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Lemont IL 60439
12545 West 111th Street Lemont IL 60439
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Valerie Keener /
217-524-4126 / 217-782-9552
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