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Project T-105-R1

Project Title: Assessing the Impact of Invasive Woody Plant Species on Shrubland Birds in Greatest Need of Conservation

Community and/or Species Focus: Yellow-breasted chat, Bell's vireo, Field sparrow

  1. Identify site-level characteristics influencing the establishment and abundance of invasive woody plants
  2. Determine the influence invasive woody plant abundance has on the shrubland bird community
  3. Assess the impacts of invasive woody plant abundance on the physiological condition of SGCN
  1. ​Data on where​ and how shrubland habitats can be managed 
  2. Determination of which invasive species are the most detrimental and should receive the most attention
  3. Identification of areas most threatened by invasive species encroachment
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: 1/1/16 - 6/30/19

Principle Investigator(s): Kirk Stodola, David Zaya, Loren Merrill, T.J. Benson (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Final Report: Project is currently underway; "Achievements" are projections of what is to be accomplished.