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Project T-119-R1

Project Title: Evaluating the Status of Cicadas in Illinois and Their Importance as Indicators for Grassland Conservation

Community and/or Species Focus: Cicadas

  1. Continue development of habitat assessment tools from project T-92-R1
  2. Utilize aforementioned tools to assess recent and long-term restorations of prairies
  3. Identify current status of cicada species in Illinois
  4. Determine habitat connectivity between potentially isolated populations of cicadas using genetics and other measures
  5. Develop cicada identification and monitoring resources for land managers and the public
  1. ​Establishment of useful habitat assessment tools from previous project T-92-R1, including a Butterfly Quality Index and habitat heterogeneity structural quality index
  2. Test studies that assess remnant, recent, and long-term restorations of prairies
  3. Current status of cicada species in Illinois
  4. Data on habitat connectivity and population size among potentially isolated populations of 3 focal cicada species found in prairies
  5. Documents including identification tools and images of all cicada species, their temporal activity, call pattern, and​ maps of their distribution
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: 9/1/18 - 8/31/21

Principle Investigator(s): Sam Heads (Illinois Natural History Survey) 

Final Report: Project is currently underway; "Achievements" are projections of what is to be accomplished.