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Project T-16-P1

Project Title: Evaluation of Non-Game Bird Conservation in Illinois

Community and/or Species Focus: Non-game birds

  1. Conduct a comparative study of bird populations in Illinois
  2. Develop recovery plans
  3. Evaluate pheasant habitat
  4. Investigate wildlife habitat that may need more attention when planning the installation of wind farms
  5. Assess grassland bird populations on reclaimed mine lands in Illinois
  1. Comparative studies that had been completed every 50 years where compiled, analyzed, and published
  2. Recovery plans were developed for 12 grassland bird species
  3. Pheasant habitat was discovered to benefit other grassland species 
  4. Wind farms were deemed hazardous to grassland birds and more research is warranted
Post-Project Survey (if applicable):​ Comparative​ studies are conducted every 50 years; follow-up study needed in 2056

Project Period: 2006 - 2008

Principle Investigator(s): Michael Ward et al. (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Final Report: T-16-P1