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Farmland & Prairie State Wildlife Grant Projects

  1. ​​Grassland Habitat at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area (T-04-L1)​

  2. Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (T-05-M1)

  3. Shrubland Wildlife Habitat Restoration through Land Acquisition (T-06-L1)

  4. Lake County Fire Equipment and Training (T-07-L1)

  5. Habitat Enhancement, Monitoring, and Management for Conservation Priority Species (T-10-P1)

  6. Evaluation of Non-Game Bird Conservation in Illinois (T-16-P1)

  7. Illinois Important Bird Areas (T-19-P1)

  8. Ecology and Genetics of Red Squirrels in Illinois (T-21-P1)

  9. Critical Habitat for Massasauga (T-23-P1)

  10. Open Grasslands Project - Shawnee National Forest (T-26-D1)

  11. Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (T-28-M1)

  12. Boone County Conservation District Distillery Conservation Area Henslow's Sparrow Habitat Expansions (T-29-D1)

  13. A Plan for the Recovery of the Endangered Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in Illinois (T-35-P1)

  14. Interrelationships of Grassland Birds with Sand Prairie Plants and Insects (T-36-P1)​

  15. Historical Occurrence & Present Status of Insect Species in Greatest Conservation Need (T-38-P1)​

  16. Siloam Springs / Buckhorn Macrosite / Private Lands Habitat Expansion and Improvement Project (T-41-D1)

  17. Strategies for Recovery of an Amphibian and a Reptile Inhabiting Sand Areas in Mason and Tazewell Counties (T-42-R1)​

  18. Hill Prairie/Bluff Habitat Restoration (T-43-D1)

  19. Wapello Land & Water Reserve Habitat Restoration (T-44-D1)

  20. Large-scale Grassland Bird Habitat Creation Project, Kane County Illinois (T-47-D1)

  21. Model Wildlife Action Plan Implementation through IBA Conservation Actions in Chicago Wilderness (T-57-D1)

  22. Sand Community Restoration in the Kankakee Sands Opportunity Area (T-61-M1)

  23. Farm Bill Biologists - Grand Prairie and Southern Till Plain Grassland (T-64-D1)

  24. Hill Prairie and Forested Land Protection and Stewardship through Lands Acquisition (T-65-L1)

  25. Large Scale Restoration along the Pecatonica River in Northern Illinois (T-67-D1)

  26. Lower Apple River INAI Mussel Site Protection & Restoration Project (T-73-L1)

  27. Statewide Public Lands Native Prairie/Savanna Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (T-76-D1)​

  28. Southern Illinois Prescribed Fire Resources for Natural Area Management (T-79-M1)​

  29. Recovery of the Greater Prairie-Chickens in Illinois (T-85-D1)

  30. Review and Update of Non-mollusk Invertebrate Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (T-88-R1)​

  31. Insects as Indicators of Habitat Quality, Ecological Integrity, and Restoration Success in Illinois Prairies, Savannas, and Woodlands (T-92-R1)

  32. Identifying Regional Priority Areas for Focusing Conservation Actions in Streams and Grasslands (T-94-R1)

  33. Technical Guidance on Partnership Structure and Communication Strategy to Support IWAP Implementation (T-95-R1)

  34. Conservation Guidance for Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (SGNC) (T-96-R1)

  35. Grassland Habitat Restoration at Prairie State Natural Area (T-98-R1)

  36. Assessing Wellness in Wildlife Herptile Species in Greatest Need of Conservation (T-104-R1)

  37. Smooth Green Snake Project (T-109-R1)

  38. Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Green River Conservation Opportunity Area (T-111-R1)

  39. Critical Conservation Issues and Adaptive Management of Imperiled Herpetofauna in Illinois (T-113-R1)

  40. Effectiveness of Illinois' Protected Lands Network at Supporting SGCN and Their Habitats (T-115-R1)​

  41. Public Lands Hill Prairie and Associated Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (T-116-D1)​

  42. Coordinating Strategy Development and Habitat Enhancement for Monarch Butterfly, a Focal Species of the Farmland and Prairie Campaign (T-117-R1)

  43. Conservation Actions for Dragonfly, Fish, and Reptile Species in Greatest Conservation Need (T-118-R1)

  44. Evaluating the Status of Cicadas in Illinois and Their Importance as Indicators for Grassland Conservation (T-119-R1)

  45. Monitoring and Evaluating the Status of Bumble Bees in Illinois (T-120-R1)

  46. Long-term Conservation Planning for the Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus) (T-123-R1)​​