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Project T-34-R1

Project Title: Hennepin & Hopper Lakes Wetland Restoration and Research Project

Community and/or Species Focus: Invasive species

  1. Investigate management strategies for large-scale restorations
  2. Evaluate differences in the response of invasive and native plant species to the number and timing of herbicide wicking treatments
  3. Compare invasive and native plant responses to post-treatment community development with and without additional native species planted
  1. ​Invasive species were effectively removed from the wet meadow community, but native species planting failed due to high water
  2. Invasive species were not as effectively removed from the marsh community, but the eradication efforts have allowed other native species to begin to recover
  3. Overall​, the wick application of herbicide was proven to be an effective tool to reduce/eliminate some invasive species
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: 5/1/07 - 3/31/10

Principle Investigator(s): Gary Sullivan (The Wetlands Initiative)

Final Report: T-34-R1​