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Hill Prairie Corridor-South Section

Hill Prairie Corridor-South Section

Protected lands - Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve, Pine Hills Annex Hill Prairie, Piney Creek Ravine Nature Preserve, several privately-owned land & water reserves, nature preserves, and natural heritage landmarks

Priority resources - hill prairies and associated species

Conservation philosophy - restore, maintain and protect the fragmented hill prairies that exist on these areas to prevent their closing in by woody encroachment; protect and proactively manage for the unique flora and fauna native to these blufftop ecosystems; use sound management decisions guided by historical conditions

Objectives - expand boundaries of hill prairies to historical extent; enroll unprotected hill prairies and critical habitats for endangered/threatened species into long term protection plans; generate funding for biologist positions to provide personnel needed to proactively manage these blufftop communities

Priority actions - use prescribed burning to manage the fire climax communities of hill prairies, glades, barrens, and upland forests; permanent protection of available parcels of high quality community types; create connection of the hill prairies system along the Mississippi River bluffs from Dupo to Prairie du Rocher

Partners - Illinois Department of Natural Resources, blufftop protection groups

Conservation resources - C2000 grants, Wildlife Preservation Fund, Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program, Natural Areas Acquisition Fund

Research, monitoring & evaluation - research and management can be conducted by Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Southern Illinois University (Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses), Southwest Illinois College, and the Illinois Natural History

Hill Prairie Corridor-South Section