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Project T-92-R1

Project Title: Insects as Indicators of Habitat Quality, Ecological Integrity, and Restoration Success in Illinois Prairies, Savannas, and Woodlands

Community and/or Species Focus: Grasshopper, Butterfly, Cicada, and Tiger Beetle species

  1. Identify representative prairie, savanna, and woodland habitats in Illinois
  2. Establish monitoring programs for taxa at selected sites throughout the state
  3. Identify and characterize species that are potentially valuable as indicators of habitat quality and ecological integrity
  4. Develop ways to assess IDNR restoration efforts in these areas
  1. ​Identified 13 areas to collect and observe grasshopper, butterfly, cicada, and tiger beetle species
  2. A grasshopper identification workshop was developed and the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network collected information
  3. None of the species were gathered in sufficient enough amounts to be characterized as indicators
  4. The Butterfly Quality Index and Habitat Heterogeneity Quality Index were developed in order to assess IDNR sites
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: 9/1/14 - 7/1/17

Principle Investigator(s): Sam Heads (Illinois Natural History Survey) 

Final Report: T-92-R1​