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Kishwaukee River

Crow's Foot Marsh - Coon Creek - Kishwaukee River

In 2002, The Boone County and the McHenry County Conservation Districts formed a partnership with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to develop a conservation initiative aimed at preserving and enhancing habitat along the high quality Kishwaukee River and it's tributary, Coon Creek. Initial effort is focused on conservation of open space - farms, wildlife habitat, and water resources through easements, incentive based programs or acquisition with willing participants or sellers. The feasibility study looked at a total area of about 16,500 acres. The study area includes portions of both the Kishwaukee River watershed and the Coon Creek watershed. The Kishwaukee River watershed has been identified as a "Unique Aquatic Resource" or class "A" stream. This area includes habitat for at least four state threatened species of birds and six endangered species of birds.

Funding: Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to conduct a feasibility study, Open Land Trust, Boone and McHenry County Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Crow's Foot Marsh - Coon Creek - Kishwaukee River