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Project T-102-R1

Project Title: Restoration of King Rail Habitat

Community and/or Species Focus: King rail

  1. Restore 35 acres of habitat at a known breeding site
  2. Document breeding success of existing pairs
  3. Band adults and young to inform site fidelity
  4. Collect data correlating habitat restoration and king rail use
  1. ​Restored 79 acres
  2. Captured and banded birds as well as 3 other species of marsh birds
  3. Number of bird captures were limited, but it was observed and documented that presence was almost exclusive to the restored areas
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): Sites will be managed with prescribed fire. Data collection will continue at the restored areas, and it is possible that banded individuals will be recaptured or located through the national bird-banding network, allowing for better information on their migration patterns.

Project Period: 10/1/15 - 10/31/18

Principle Investigator(s): Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Final Report: T-102-R1​