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Project T-88-R1

Project Title: Review and Update of Non-mollusk Invertebrate Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

Community and/or Species Focus: Non-mollusk invertebrates

  1. Review all SGNC listing criteria for currently listed non-mollusk invertebrates using the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP) criteria
  2. Assess the current status of species populations
  3. Review criteria for additional species for potential listing as SGNC
  4. Assess stressors to species previously reviewed
  5. Complete draft updates and revisions of the IWAP Appendices I and II for these species
  1. ​Reviewed 375 invertebrate taxa in the 2005 IWAP and 129 species maintained status as SGNC
  2. Updated 8 criteria and used them to classify the SGNC
  3. Taxonomic names, known distribution, habitat association, federal/state listing, and global rank were updated
  4. An additional 188 species were reviewed for listing as SGNC
  5. A literature review and online survey of the working group were used to identify stressors
  6. Draft revisions of Appendices I and II were submitted to IDNR prior to project completion
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: 10/1/13 - 4/30/15

Principle Investigator(s): Leon Hinz, Yong Cao (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Final Report: T-88-R1​