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Project T-68-R1

Project Title: Status Revision and Update for Illinois' Fish Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

Community and/or Species Focus: Fish

  1. Reevaluate Appendix I of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan
  2. Update the status, objectives, and stressors to Illinois' wildlife and habitat resources for fish and aquatic habitats in Appendix II
  3. Draft an update of Appendices I and II
  1. ​All 80 fish SGCN listed in Appendix I were reevaluated in all 8 criteria using more recent fisheries data and a more quantitative methodology
  2. Appendix II was reevaluated by incorporating quantitative assessments into the trend and stressor analyses
  3. Appendices I and II were updated and reevaluated
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan is updated every 10 years, with species assessments every 2-5 years.

Project Period: Ended on 7/31/12

Principle Investigator(s): Leon Hinz (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Final Report: T-68-R1​