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Project T-05-M1

Project Title: Public Land Native Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project (T-05)

Community and/or Species Focus: Various habitats and SGCN

  1. Protect and maximize quality habitat for all wildlife species and maintain the integrity of sensitive, high quality natural communities
  2. Develop a process which​ incorporates ecosystem management principles
  3. Conduct surveys and census activities for targeted plant and animal species
  4. Develop and implement recovery plans for targeted threatened and endangered species
  5. Control and/or reduce invasive species
  1. ​Reduced and controlled invasive species on 2,007 acres on wildlife areas
  2. Managed 1,043 acres with prescribed fire
  3. Restored 76 acres of forested habitat
  4. Restored 863 acres with native grasses
Post-Project Survey (if applicable): n/a

Project Period: Ended on 12/31/07

Principle Investigator(s): Eric Smith (Illinois Department of Natural Resources)

Final Report: T-05-M1​