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In 2001, the US Congress created the State Wildlife Grants Program and charged states with developing proactive Wildlife Action Plans (formerly referred to as Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plans) to conserve wildlife before they become more rare and more costly to protect.  At the initial stages of developing the Action Plan, a Steering Committee was created to help guide and coordinate its development.  In addition to IDNR staff, this Committee included representatives from the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, the Illinois Audubon Society, and The Nature Conservancy.  Upon federal approval of the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan, the emphasis shifted toward implementation.  The Illinois Fish and Wildlife Action Team was created and charged with ensuring that the actions described in the Action Plan become on-the-ground results, facilitating communications and collaboration among organizations, and shaping future priorities for wildlife and habitat conservation through updates to the Action Plan.

Illinois Wildlife Action Team

Over 150 agencies and organizations comprising scientists, sportsmen, conservationists, government agencies, and other members of the community were of the planning process and have a vested interest in partnering to achieve the goals identified in the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan.  All of these partners are valuable and critical to successful implementation.  Each contributes in different ways to the implementation of the Action Plan.  The Illinois Wildlife Action Team is comprised of a smaller group of organizations, or core partners.  On a statewide scale, the core partners provide either: (1) significant resources, staff, and/or implementation activities (tactical needs), or (2) recruit support, function as an umbrella organization, and/or represent key constituent interests (strategic needs). 

As the State of Illinois primary natural resources conservation agency, the IDNR accepted responsibility for developing and implementing the Action Plan.  Within this capacity, the IDNR chairs the Illinois Wildlife Action Team.  The other members of the Team provide either tactical or strategic needs on a statewide basis.  

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