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Do I Need an Incidental Take Authorization or Endangered Species Possession Permit?



Incidental Take Authorizations may be issued when a "take" is likely to occur, but is not the intention of the action. A "take" of an animal is defined as harm, hunt, shoot, pursue, lure, wound, kill, destroy, harass, gig, spear, ensnare, trap, capture, collect, or attempt to engage in such conduct. A "take" of a plant is defined as to collect, pick, cut, dig up, kill, destroy, bury, crush, or harm in any manner.
Applying for Incidental Take Authorization

Issued and Pending Incidental Take Authorization


Endangered Species Possession Permits may be issued for possession, purchase, or disposition of endangered species. The 4 different types of possession permits are: Scientific, Educational, Zoological/Botanical, or limited permit (hobbyist).
Endangered Species Possession Permits​​​