Conservation Program Contacts

Office/Program Area(s)StaffContact Information
Office Director​​ Chris Young 217-785-8272
Conservation Programs
Michelle Bloomquist
Tammy Miller
217-782-4919 or
Randy Smith 217-785-2347
Leon C. Hinz 217-785-8297
Ann Holtrop217-785-4325
  • Federal Aid
Jennifer Wellman217-785-8771
Division of Fisheries Michael McClelland217-782-6424
Division of Forest Resources Paul Deizman, Chief217-785-8762
Division of Natural Heritage Ann Holtrop 217-785-4325
Division of Wildlife Resources Mike Wefer 217-557-0475
Endangered Species Protection BoardDirector 217-785-8547
Nature Preserves CommissionDirector217-785-8686