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Historical Reference - These historical documents contain some references to information that has changed since their publication. In particular, some of the Internet addresses no longer connect with the intended Web page because the address has changed or the site no longer exists.

 Grant Opportunities

 Updated May 18, 2021
Great Lakes Restorative Initiative—Joint Venture Habitat Restoration and Protection (CFDA No. 15.637)
Purpose: To fund long-term conservation projects that will protect, restore, or enhance native Great Lakes fish and wildlife populations, particularly migratory birds.
Eligibility: Native American tribal governments; public and state institutions of higher education; state and special district governments; nonprofits with or without 501(c)(3) status with the IRS (other than institutions of higher education); and independent school districts.
Funding: Not specified; awards between $25,000 and $300,000.
Deadline: 6/15/2021
Contact: Abbey Kucera, abbey_kucera@fws.gov.

Cooperative Agriculture (CFDA No. 15.681)
Purpose: To allow individuals and small businesses to conduct agriculture practices on National Wildlife Refuge System lands in support of System conservation and resource management objectives, through cooperative agreements that do not provide financial assistance.
Eligibility: Individuals and small businesses.
Funding: Not specified.
Deadline: 9/30/2023.
Contact: Patrick Schulze, Tel. (703) 358-2567, E-mail: patrick_schulze@fws.gov.
National Fish Habitat Action Plan, 2020 (CFDA No. 15.608)
Purpose: To protect, restore, and enhance fish and aquatic habitats.
Eligibility: Unrestricted.
Funding: $4 million; awards between $1,000 and $900,000.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Contact: Stephanie Long, (703) 358-1749, stephanie_a_long@fws.gov.

 Meetings and Actions

Strategy Event Date Location Attending Topic
All Meeting 9/19/2011 Springfield ISBE, IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Meeting 10/5/2011 Springfield IDNR, IEPA, Governor's Office Administrative Planning
All Meeting 10/20/2011 Springfield IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Meeting 11/14/2011 Bartlett IDNR, IEPA Administrative Planning
All Presentations 11/16/2011 Chicago Chicago Wilderness Education Team and Members, IDNR Status of Plan
All Grant Application 12/4/2012 Springfield IDNR, ISBE, IEPA Submitted USEPA Grant Application
​All ​Meeting ​1/24/2019 ​Springfield IDNR, ISBE, IEPA​ Discussion of Plan Revision​
​​All ​Meeting​ ​​3/13/2019 Springfield​ IDNR, ISBE​ ​Administrative Planning
​All ​Conference Call ​8/22/2019 Springfield​ IDNR, ISBE, EEAI​ ​Discussion of Grant Application and 2020 Strategic Plan Revision