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Environmental Literacy for Illinois, Implementation

If you have conducted any event, meeting, workshop, etc. that supports one or more of the Strategies of the Environmental Literacy for Illinois 2010 Strategic Plan, please use the forms on this website to provide that information.
You will need a Survey Code to complete the survey forms. If you/your organization does not yet have one, please send a message to DNR.Teachkids@illinois.gov to request one.
Select the Goal that is most relevant to your event. You will be taken to a page with the Strategies for that goal. You may enter information for more than one Goal, but you will need to enter each Goal’s information separately.
  1. Careers: Identify, support and promote environmental careers education to diverse youth audiences to help achieve environmental sustainability.

  2. Early Childhood: Birth to Five Years: Increase the amount of exposure to the natural environment for children from birth to five years by educating and providing resources to parents, caregivers and providers serving that population.

  3. Electronic Information Resources: Electronic Information Resources will establish an Internet-based environmental literacy resource to maximize effectiveness of environmental literacy programs statewide.

  4. Environmental Learning Sites and Centers: A network of Environmental Learning Sites and Centers will support and improve the facilitation of environmental literacy efforts statewide and accomplish the goals and objectives of Environmental Literacy for Illinois.

  5. Evaluation: Establish mechanisms for assessing, analyzing and evaluating the status of environmental literacy in Illinois and the effectiveness of the Environmental Literacy for Illinois plan.

  6. Grants and Long-Term Funding: Secure adequate grants and funding to sustain the goals of environmental literacy over time for the citizens of Illinois.

  7. Inservice Educator Education: Promote incorporation of environmental literacy programs into prekindergarten through 12th grade teaching and learning.

  8. Integration: Provide a framework and options for effective integration of environmental literacy studies and professional development for formal and non-formal educators, including mechanisms to measure integration successes and challenges.

  9. Non-Formal Education: Provide a framework for non-formal education initiatives, including identifying funds and resources and promoting awareness of nature and the environmental education opportunities and programs available for families, youth organizations, formal educators and students.

  10. Plan Sustainability: Sustain the goals of environmental literacy over time for the citizens of Illinois.

  11. Preservice Formal Educator Education: Preservice formal educator education programs will provide future educators with the knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to develop environmentally literate students.

  12. Professional Development for Non-Formal Environmental Educators: Provide training and support for non-formal environmental educators to serve families, introduce youth to nature and assist formal educators in meeting the goals, objectives and strategies of the Environmental Literacy for Illinois strategic plan.

  13. Quality of Life: Promote school administrative decisions that encourage healthy student lifestyles and encourage environmental stewardship.