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 Final Report Instructions

You can find these instructions listed on the Final Report Form.
1. Assessment
Submit up to two typed pages containing the following information:
• description of the project;
• how the habitat area was incorporated into the school curriculum;
• activities undertaken by students through all phases of the project;
• community notification about the project (media, open house, etc.);
• how funds were expended.
2. A Sample of Student Activities/Lessons Conducted at the Site
3. A Copy of any Articles or Other Publicity Given to the Site
4. Photographic Images and Image Release Forms
• *signed image release forms (*See Note One below.)
• **digital photographic images (Do not send images printed on paper. **See Note Two below.)
*Note One
A. We will use photographs of your project on our Web site, Facebook site and in other promotional items. We want some images with students in them, and some images without the students. If you are unwilling to allow us to use images of the students on the Web, Facebook or in other formats, we understand. We will honor those wishes, but please enclose a note with your report stating that those are your wishes. However, you must still submit some photos showing the students as they develop and study the habitat site to verify that students did participate in the project. Please also include some images showing the site as it looked before, during and after implementation of the project and do not include people in these photos.
B. If there are people in the photographs, and you don’t mind us using the photographs on the Web, Facebook or in other formats, then we need a signed image release form for each person in the photographs, including adults. If people younger than the age of 18 years old are in the photographs, a parent or guardian must sign the image release form for each of them. If there are no people in the photographs, or you are not allowing us to use the images of people on the Web, Facebook or in other formats, then you do not need to submit signed image release forms.
**Note Two
A. We need images of your habitat site before you start the project, during the work on the project, at the completion of the project and, if applicable/possible, later to show the results (such as flowers blooming and butterflies or other wildlife visiting them). Some projects may be difficult to photograph showing the wildlife attracted, and we understand that issue.
B. If people are included in any of your photographs, see Note One.
C. Please send the images in digital format. You can email them to dnr.teachkids@illinois.gov  or store them on a CD or USB drive and send them with your Final Report. If you email the photos, please indicate your name and the name of the school in your message(s). We cannot use photos that are printed on paper, so please do not send printed images.
5. Acknowledgments
Please remember to include the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Jadel Youth Fund, the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation and the Illinois Conservation Foundation as sponsors of this grant program in any publicity regarding the grant project.
6. Reimbursement
Your school district/organization will be reimbursed for approved purchases through this grant award. Only the items approved by the judges will be reimbursed. See your grant award letter for the items approved for purchase. Complete and submit a Payment Request Form. You must send a copy of your school’s/organization’s payment to the vendor (canceled check or other document showing payment in full) as well as a copy of the original invoice in order to be reimbursed. You may submit payment requests at any time. You can submit them individually or all at once. We encourage you to submit payment requests as soon as you have the paperwork from your purchases. If you submit them in advance of the Final Report, they do not need to be submitted again with the Final Report. If you have any questions at all about payments, please call 217-524-4126 or email dnr.teachkids@illinois.gov.
7. Submission
Send the completed Final Report Form and accompanying Items to the following address by November 30, 2020.
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Division of Education
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL 62702-1271
8. “Thank You” Notes
The Jadel Youth Fund and particularly its founders, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jadel, as well as the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation have made the Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants possible by their generous donations and continuing support of this program. Please take a moment and write a “thank you” note to each of these organizations. Enclose the notes in your final report, and they will be forwarded to the appropriate organization. They will be very pleased to hear that their efforts are appreciated.