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2015-L11W Create five training modules to address lack of standardized training. Education
2015-029W Oak Ridge Interpretive Signage at the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge: Three signs would be placed along the site's new 2.25 mile Oak RidgeTrail and will discuss marsh and oak savanna. Education
2015-022W Establishing the Illinois Stop the Spread! Callery (Bradford) Pear Alternatives Native Tree Demonstration Area: Interpretive signs - promote Callery pear awareness to intended audiences. Education
2015-021W Educational Materials for Expanded Butterfly Exhibit: 2 large educational signs and childrens's educational materials. Education
2015-008W Plant Identification Workshops: Provide 3, multi-day workshops at Camp Ondessonk & Southern IL University. Provide handouts so participants can identify native plants as well as identify common invasive plant species. Education
2015-006W Torstenson Youth Conservation Education Center Pollinator Inventory and Garden - Illinois Conservation Foundation: Development of a native plant pollinator garden, enhancing nest sites for native bees and placement of bat houses will greatly benefit both plants & animals. Education
2014-L04W Earth Day in the Parks: To provide approx. 1000 students annually with the opportunity to perform meaningful natural resources stewardship activities at about 25 Illinois State Parks Education
2014-035W Funding to the Illinois' Raptor Center in order for them to present the "Owls of Illinois" program to the Albion Grade School and Edwards County High students. Materials & supplies for classroom presentations. Education
2014-031W An Atlas of Illinois Fishes: The objective of this proposal is to produce and distribute an atlas containing distribution maps of IL fishes. Education
2014-025W "Management of Invasive Plants of Southern IL" and landowner workshops based upon this guide. (Booklet Printing): Education of the Public regarding best management practices for controlling invasive species through creation and printing of a guide Education
2014-023W About Birds Exhibit: The exhibit will provide information about the diversity of bird species found in IL. It will feature a life-size replica of an eagle's nest, wing span information & bird watching, and an area for comparing and contrasting beak adaptations. The exhibit will be part of each school & community group visit. Education
2014-014W Bio Blitz at Black Hawk Forest Nature Preserve: The key objective is to increase public awareness and appreciation of the vast array of biodiversity in the Milan Bottoms area. It is intended as a citizen environmental educational project. Education
2014-013W Continuing Public Education about Native Plants Through the Addition of a Smmer "Wildflower Walk" Guide: Develop and print summer wildlife walk guide Education
2014-011W Interpretive Trail Signs for Green Earth's Pyles Fork Preserve: To purchase educational trial signs, sign frames & mounts and treated lumber posts for the Pyles Fork Preserve, to educate members of the local community who frequent this area. Education
2014-002W Chicago Wilderness Bird Population Trends Update 2013: To create and publish an educational brochure that will be distributed widely within the Chicago area natural areas' land managers and stewards. Education
2014-001W Basic Plant Identification Workshops in Southern Illinois: The project will be to hold 10 one day Basic Plant Identification Workshops at 10 IDNR owned sites in 9 counties of Southern Illinois. Education
2013-L02W Earth Day in the Parks: To provide approx. 1,000 students annually with the opportunity to perform meaningful natural resources stewardship activities at about 25 Illinois State Parks. Education
2013-020W Park Interpretive Signs for Natural Areas: The signs will describe the natural areas features, benefits, plants, animals, birds, etc., with the goal of educating park patrons. Education
2013-010W Increasing Public Knowledge of Native Plants Through "Wildflower Walk" Guide: A full color booklet detailing locations to view spring wildflowers, complete with maps, descriptions, and plant "highlight" lists. Education
2013-003W Homer Lake Interpretive Center Exhibit Prairies: An educational, interpretive exhibit will be constructed, focusing on the evolution of the prairie, its ecosystems, and the biodiversity & interdependence of the plants and animals that rely upon it for food, shelter and survival. Education
2012-L06W Earth Day in the Parks: To provide approx. 1,500 students annually with the opportunity to perform meaningful natural resources stewardship activities at about 30 Illinois State Parks. Education
2012-012W Printing and dissemination of invasive plant identification booklet: print 1,000 booklets Education
2012-009W Wildflowers of Southern Illinois Poster and Plant Identification Workshops: These posters will be made widely available for free to a variety of individuals, schools, and agencies in the southern half of the state. Education
2012-005W Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network Training Workshops: Fund the cost of presenting 6 training workshops Education
2012-004W 100 Discoveries Across the Landscape of Central Illinois : create an interpretive natural and cultural history exhibit that will include hands on, interactive, and multi sensory displays Education
2012-002W Ballard Nature Center: Develop an approximately 1/2 mile long self guided interpretive trail Education
2011-L26W Promotion and Coordination of 2011 Illinois Ivasive Species Awareness Month: For educational items and support of an ISAM coordinator during this campaign. Education
2011-L13W IDNR Sponsorship Assistance of Northeastern Bat Working Group, Midwest Bat Working Group, Southeastern Bat Diversity Network, and 21st Colloquium of the Conservation of Mammals in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States, 2011 Meeting Education
2011-L08W Printing and postage charges associated with the production of an expanded issue showing educators and institutions utilizing unique programs to stimulate interest in natural and cultural resources Education
2011-013W Illinois Young Birders' Club (IYBC): To create welcome packages for the first 50 charter members including field guides, checklists, member cards and 7 pairs of binoculars. Education
2011-010W Giant City State Park: To create an interpretive trail through the existing exotic species demonstration area, including signs to show benefit of controlling these species. Education
2011-009W Interpretive Signage at Forest Park Nature Center: Production and installation of an interpretive sign for one of the prairies at Forest Park Nature Center Education
2011-005W Making Good Choices: Cross-Curricular Teaching of the Environment and History in Champaign County: To assist in payment of the instructor fees for a two-day professional development workshop designed develop environmental literacy in students through teacher development. Education
2010-L10W Illinois Ferns and Illinois Fishes: Volume I Posters: For the development and printing of 10,000 copies each of these two additional posters for the Illinois Flora, Fauna and Habitat series of posters. Education
2010-L07W Early Detection, Rapid Response with Invasive Plant Species: To purchase 3,000 sets of cards and booklets on invasive plant species of Illinois to distribute to field staff and the general public for training volunteers. Education
2010-L05W September 2009 Outdoor Illinois to Illinois Schools: Distribution of the "Innovations in the classroom": special edition of Outdoor Illinois to public and private secondary schools Education
2010-L03W Checklist of Endangered & Threatened Animals and Plants of Illinois: For printing costs associated with updating and printing as many copies of the Checklist as possible Education
2010-016W Prairies and Savannas: A Hands-on-Environmental Education Project: To allow the people utilizing this area to participate in and learn about prairie plantings and ecological restoration. Education
2010-008W Distribution of Posters and Promotion of Logo to Identify Native Plants Available for Landscaping: To print and distribute posters to promote the use of native plants statewide. Education
2010-007W Lowell Park Interpretive Trail Signage: To purchase, install and maintain interpretive trail signs for the Quarry Trail within the park. Education
2009-L21W Creating a Natural Areas Brochure: To create and print 5000 copies of a short, full color booklet on Illinois' Natural Areas in understandable terms that defines natural areas and places them in the proper conservation context for distribution to the general public. Education
2009-L05W Illinois Aquatic Macroinvertebrates and Illinois Land Snails Posters: To print 10,000 of each poster for IDNR Div. of Education for distribution to state educators Education
2009-033W Illinois Wildlife: Up Close and Personal: To purchase one SCENTite Deluxe Condo Blind (4 person wheelchair accessable) to provide Illinois residents with disabilities the opportunity to view wildlife in the natural habitat, utilizing spotting scopes and binoculars. Education
2009-026W Creating an Illinois Bird Atlas range map database: A public access assessment tool: To mount distributing maps of breeding birds in Illinois on an INHS website Education
2009-019W Birds of Prey Environmental Education Program: Production of interpretive signs and a brochure Education
2009-018W To conduct an educational workshop on invasive species control and spread prevention Education
2009-014W Michael Wolff Memorial Wetland: To construct a viewing area to access the wetland to observe and develop an understanding of the value of wetlands Education
2009-010W The Graber Collection-Conversion of 35mm Slides to Digital Images: To digitize the over 5000 slides which currently make up the Jean Graber collection and create a website to store them so they may be used to educate by accessing/viewing the historic photos from anywhere Education
2008-L12W Illinois Wild Mammals and Illinois Woodland Wildflowers Posters: To produce these two double sided posters to be distributed to educators and the general public. This will fulfill needs in the IDNR poster series. Education
2008-042W Community Outdoor Classroom: The second of a three phase project which involves designing, purchasing and installing five educational signs to be placed in the newly developed Outdoor Classroom area in the front yard of the Winfield Public School. Education
2008-041W Wildlife and Habitat Education Project: To educate disabled children and adults about the indigenous populations and habitats of the birds, mammals, and aquatic life at this 102 acre accessible camp by studying the educational material and personal observations. Education
2008-029W Hart's Woods Nature Trail: To design and install a trailhead sign at the entrance to the nature trail and design and produce trail maps and a tri-fold brochure Education
2008-024W Prairies and Woodlands: A Hands-on Environmental Education Project: A prairie restoration for summer visitors and woodland activities for fall through spring weekend retreat groups. Includes a prairie restoration/education project and a woodland trail marking and exotic removal project. Education
2008-012W Distribution of Posters and Implementation of a Logo to Identify Native Plants Available for Landscaping: These will be used at garden centers, nurseries, native centers, schools and county extension offices throughout the state to help with quick identification of Illinois plants. Education
2008-011W Distribution of Brochures and Installation of Plaques for Gardens Demonstrating Illinois-adapted Native Plants: To print and distribute these brochures and to produce and install plaques in the prairie and woodland demonstration gardens on the campus of EIU. Education
2007-L13W Illinois Endangered and Threatened Species and Habitats are Homes Posters: The development and printing of 10,000 copies each of two additional posters to add to the IDNR Illinois Flora, Fauna and Habitats series of educational posters. Education
2007-033W Educational Enhancement Project: To purchase 2 spotting scopes, 1 telescope and 7 sets of field binoculars to aid the disabled guests this camp serves to view the wildlife and flora at the camp Education
2007-024W Interpretive Signage at Springdale Cemetery Savanna: To install an interpretive sign at each of the three main entry points to the savanna. Education
2007-013W Workshops on Using Illinois-Adapted Native Plants in Landscaping for Gardeners, Nurseries, and Educational Institutions: To provide workshops to gardeners, nurseries and educational institutions to increase the use of Illinois-adapted native plants in landscaping. Education
2007-006W Increasing Gardener Familiarity with Illinois-adapted Native Plants to Use in Landscaping: To establish demonstration gardens using Illinois-adapted native plants, develop four poster designs, and develop a prototype of a logo/label Education
2007-005W Little Woods Interpretive Nature Trail & Prairie: To add interpretive signs to an existing handicap accessible wooden trail. Also to include native prairie plantings and a roof for the education arbor. Education
2007-004W Interpretive Educational Signs on the Trails of the Douglas-Hart Nature Center: To place interpretive signs in the wetland, forest and prairie ecosystems to educate visitors with focused information and habitat specific photographs about the plant and wildlife. Education
2006-L24W Illinois Spiders Poster: Develop a two-sided Illinois Spiders poster to be added to the Illinois Flora. Fauna and Habitat series of posters available. 10,000 copies (Statewide) Education
2006-L09W Changes Institute Field Guides to Illinois Wildlife: To support the hiring of an educator for six months to work with the Museum staff to develop the content of a series of Field Guides for the exhibition. Education
2006-L06W Biodiversity of Illinois CD-ROM Series Revision: To revise, press new copies, and printing of new sleeves for the three volumes of this series. 6000 of each volume would be produced for distribution. Statewide Education
2006-L04W Special Edition of Outdoor Illinois Magazine: Illinois Endangered and Threatened Species: To assist with additional expenses related to the development of an expanded issue of Outdoor Illinois on endangered and threatened species Education
2006-L01W Development of a Web-based Aid to Restoration Featuring Fruits, Seeds, and Seedlings for Illinois Prairie Plants: Development of a comprehensive description resource with detailed information relative to Illinois prairie plants at all stages of development, focusing on fruits, seeds, and seedlings Education
2006-028W Midwest Birding Symposium: Four days of field trips, hands-on activities and lectures aimed at exploring the diversity of birds in the Mississippi River Valley (Rock Island County) Education
2006-021W Informational brochure and trail map of War Bluff Valley Sanctuary: To develop a brochure explaining sanctuary purpose, provide interpretive information and a self-guiding map, and kiosk construction. (Pope County) Education
2006-020W Trail Brochure for Dirksen-McNaughton Woods LWR: Brochure to explain the concept of forest restoration, succession and specific habitat relationships between grasslands, wetlands, shrublands, and forest and certain bird species. (Tazewell County) Education
2006-019W Grassland Birds: The Habitat Connection - A brochure for use in educating the general public about the plight of grassland birds and their dependence on adequate quality habitat. (Statewide) Education
2006-018W Establishment of Interpretive Trail at H and B Bremer Wildlife Sanctuary, Hillsboro, IL: Creation and placement of interpretive trail signs. (Montgomery County) Education
2006-016W Bear Creek Restoration Project: To assist with the purchase of Illinois ecotype grasses and forbs seed and educational signs for the development of an interpretive trail and study stations along 3 acres of Bear Creek. (Hamilton County) Education
2006-010W Workshops for Illinois Nursery Industry to Promote Use of Native Plants in Landscaping: Development of educational materials and organization of local workshops for the nursery industry (McLean, Champaign, Macon, Peoria, Sangamon Co) Education
2005-L34W A Field Manual of Illinois Mammals: Pay partial costs of producing this manual. Overall project cost is $45,000. Statewide Education
2005-031W Interactive/Educational Nature Trail Sign Posts: For the creation of educational/interpretive signposts along the ground/lakes of our Wheelchair Accessible Trailways/Fishing Piers. Fulton County, IL Education
2005-030W Illinois Prairie Program: To revise the prairie programs at the Anita Purves Nature Center and replace worn or outdated materials used during the field trips by classes to the Center or loaned out to classrooms. Education
2005-023W Non-Game Wildlife Education Project: For use in acquiring resources necessary to develop an education program on non-game wildlife in Illinois. Includes an education program, display and brochures. McLean County, IL Education
2005-021W Neoga School Outdoor Classroom Trail: Purchase 7 interpretive signs to be installed along a trail around a prairie established for use as an outdoor classroom. Cumberland County, IL Education
2005-015W Native Species Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden: To establish a native habitat for hummingbirds, butterflies, and other invertebrates to use as a educational tool Education
2005-013W Environmental Education Programs for Urban Children: To provide hands-on environmental education programs for low income students and help them gain understanding and appreciation for the environment. Sangamon County, IL Education
2005-012W Junior Bird Feeder Challenge Program: Enhancement of the IAS web site to enable teachers to download materials, students to report their data, and communicate with other classes involved in the program, as well as teacher workshops. Statewide Education
2005-011W Let's Learn About the Prairie: The development of teaching materials/kits that promote better understanding of the prairie ecosystem and its importance to this state. These materials will be available for loan to educators in Jasper County, Illinois Education
2005-010W Outdoor Days: To host with other conservation organizations, a natural resource education and appreciation day for the residents of Southeastern Illinois. Effingham County, Illinois Education
2005-009W Educational Brochure "From Lawn to Natural Landscape: A Homeowner's Primer": To produce a brochure available to homeowners that will provide assistance with urban yard restoration. Statewide Education
2005-007W Reading Program - "Read to Me Under the Great Oak Tree": To initiate a reading program that would help develop an awareness of our local natural resources and non-game wildlife species. Education
2005-003W International Earthkeepers: This international education curriculum is a three day program that teaches basic ecological concepts including food chains, environments, and plant/animal relationships. Ogle County, Illinois Education
2005-002W Viewing Nature: To purchase quality optical equipment for use in educational programs for children and adults; create new programming using the new equipment. Effingham County, IL Education
2004-L01W Publication of the new edition of Endangered and Threatened Species of Illinois: Status and Distribution. Volume 2 - Animals: Printing costs associated with publishing the revised edition of the animal book. Education
2004-046W Illinois Nature Preserve System Traveling Educational Displays: Creation of two educational displays to be used as traveling exhibits at nature centers, museums, and other public forums throughout Illinois Education
2004-045W Native Landscaping for Non-game Wildlife-Workshop and Demonstration Site: Development of a one day workshop to educate local homeowners on native plants, man made habitats, soil/plant matching, and development of a demonstration area all to help combat the negative impacts of urban sprawl in this area. Education
2004-035W McCully Heritage Project Wetland Signs: Erect signs to identify plants along this nature trail in Calhoun County Education
2004-034W Illinois Environmental Education Project: Establishing an educational kiosk and trail signs at the Army Trail Nature Center Education
2004-033W Species Survey of the Species, taxa, vegetation, and habitats of the Spring Valley Trails and Arboretum: (John Wood Community College Campus, Adams County) Create an archival document containing maps and photos of the taxa, vegetation, and habitats of the area. Education
2004-028W Southeastern Illinois Birding Trail: Printing of 5,000 brochures to be distributed throughout southeastern Illinois to promote nongame wildlife viewing. Education
2004-020W Outdoor Days - An Environmental Education Event: To host with other conservation organizations a 2 day natural resource education and appreciation for the residents of Southern Illinois. Education
2004-018W Discovering the Prairie: Purchase 14 interpretive signs to expand a self guided interpretative trail; encourage exploration of the trail; and provide visitors information on prairie ecology and the plants and animals which live adjacent to Prairie Ridge State Natural Area (Jasper and Marion County) Education
2004-017W Junior Bird Feeder Challenge Program: To produce, print and distribute and educational guide to help teachers integrate the program, which introduces Illinois school children to bird watching, into their class curriculum and meet Illinois State Learning Goals. Education
2004-016W Environmental Education Program: To purchase program supplies to provide hands on environmental education programs for Springfield students who live in this urban area. It will also provide a portion of the presentor (Director) salary. Education
2004-015W Green Earth's Super Trail : Development of an interpretive trail guide, keyed into a set of enumerated trail markers, along a hiking trail in a residential are of Carbondale Education
2004-013W Sixth Central Illinois Prairie Conference: Conference to attract and educate about the importance of preserving and restoring native tallgrass prairie, provide a forum for communication about tallgrass prairie ecology and stewardship (Assist with travel and commodities cost for the conference) Education
2004-012W Create a stimulation panoramic mural and display to educate the public on what is a quality habitat and the benefits of greater wildlife diversity, erosion control, and ecological stability. Illustrate how habitats become degraded and the management techniques used to restore them. Display to be located at Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights (Peoria County) Education
2004-011W Installation of kiosk and production of brochures that will educate visitors about significant features of Lake Sara Flatwoods (Effingham County), Natural Heritage Landmark Education
2004-001W Ballard Nature Center: Purchase interpretive trail signs and native wetland seed Education
2003-L19W Develop an interactive exhibit and educational materials for the INHS Mobile Science Center on the IL Prairie Ecosystem to travel to underserved schools. Education
2003-L06W Redigitizing the "Natural Division of Illinois": Posters of the Illinois Natural Areas Divisions Education
2003-L03W A Plan for the Recovery of the Greater Prairie-Chicken in Illinois, Phase 2 Education
2003-047W Write, design & publish 1,000 copies of a 16 page Campus Plan for the Wolf Road Prairie Reserve located in Cook County Education
2003-023W Reprint brochure entitled "Standing Dead Trees: Saving Critical Wildlife Habitat" Education
2003-021W Support for the Summer Internship Program in Natural Areas Management - offered to college students to educate them in plant taxonomy, environmental education training, natural resources management, and hands on management practices at natural areas in Champaign, Ford, Irquois and Vermilion Counties Education
2003-017W Install 16 framed interpretive signs along the existing trail to educate visitors about significant features of Lake Sara Flatwoods Natural Heritage Landmark in Effingham County. Education
2003-009W Costs associated with the Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network Training Program workshop to be held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago Education
2003-005W Build and erect 40 interpretive signs along trail and hill prairies at Columbia Hill Natural Area, Monroe County Education
2003-001W Environmental Education Programs and Workshops: Develop instructional materials and purchase program supplies to take to District 186 classrooms and schoolyards in Springfield. Sangamon County Education
2002-057W Education Kits Education
2002-056W Development and upgrading of interpretive signs in Robeson Hills Nature Preserve, Lawrence County, IL Education
2002-053W McCully Heritage Project Trail Signs Education
2002-049W Exotic Species: The Invasion of Alien Plants in Illinois Education
2002-048W Interpretive Signs at Adams Wildlife Sanctuary Education
2002-047W Educational Brochure: The Role of Fire in Habitat Restoration and Biodiversity Education
2002-046W Development of a Nature Trail and Interpretive Guide for a Forest Preserve in Carbondale, Illinois Education
2002-044W Project C.I.T.Y (Conservation of the Inner City-Taking Responsibility as a Youth): Fishin' Buddies Education
2002-042W Backpack Explorers Program Education
2002-041W Discovering the Prairie Education
2001-L02W Revising and Reprinting of the "Habitat Establishment, Enhancement and Management of Forest and Grassland Birds in Illinois" Booklet Education
2001-047W Education Loan Boxes Education
2001-019W Red Bison Display Garden Project Education
2001-018W Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Eagle Viewing Project Education
2001-013W Asian Longhorn Beetle Education Display Education
2001-009W Access and Educational Outreach at Wolf Road Prairie Education
2001-008W A Prairie Primer (Brochure) Education
2001-007W Standing Dead Trees: Critical Wildlife Habitat (Brochure) Education
2001-006Wb Illinois Wildlife Classroom Displays/Packets: Three sets of freestanding Classroom Displays/Packets for regional loan library use Education
2001-006Wa Illinois Wildlife Classroom Displays/Packets: Three sets of freestanding Classroom Displays/Packets for regional loan library use Education
2001-002W Environmental Education Collaboration between Adams Wildlife Sanctuary and Springfield IL Schools: Hands on learning activities off-site Education
2000-069W Audubon Adventures Education
2000-059W Junior Winter Bird Feeder Challenge Education
2000-056W Traveling Wildlife Exhibits for Libraries and Learning Centers Education
2000-053W Outdoor Classroom at Teutopolis Junior High School Education
2000-043W Final Report & Budget Restoration Exhibit at Forest Park Nature Center, Peoria Heights, Illinois Education
2000-006W Environmental Education Collaboration Education
2000-003W Environmental Education Loan Boxes Education
1999-049W Audubon Adventures Education
1999-047W North Barrington School Interactive Habitat Education
1999-030W Junior Winter Bird Feeder Challenge Education
1999-028W Summer at the Sanctuary Education
1999-021W Wildlife Wonders Education
1999-019W Fifth Central Illinois Prairie Conference Education
1999-008W Traveling Wildlife Exhibits for Libraries and Learning Centers Education
1999-005W Creating an On-Line Wolf Road Prairie Educational Resource and Communication Station Education
1999-003W CYCLE Creation of a Prairie Education
1998-L08W Signs for Posting Shawnee National Forest Natural Areas Education
1998-L03W A Landowner's Guide to Amphibian Conservation Education
1998-048W The physics of Aquatic Animals and Their Environment - Teacher Manual Education
1998-046W Interactive program CD on present day use of plants in Southern Illinois Education
1998-045W Ravine Bluff Ecosystem Booklet (titled Ravines: Then and Now: Treasured Landscapes Education
1998-042W Birds of the Prairie Parklands (brochure): Bird Checklist for the Prairie Parklands Macrosite Education
1998-038W Land Stewardship Easement Brochures Education
1998-033W Display Booth for the Kankakee-Iroquois VSN Education
1998-027W Prairie/Pond Education Program Improvement 191997-98 Grant Summary Education
1998-026W Prairie School Teacher's Guide Education
1998-018W Ecology Camps and Workshops for Underprivileged Children Education
1997-L07W Reprinting Habitat Posters Education
1997-L06W Reprinting of Prairie Restoration Guide: Illinois Past & Future Education
1997-028W Bat Conservation & Education Workshop for Illinois Educators Education
1996-062W Newsletter for the Lower Fox River Coalition Education
1996-060W Conservation Easements in Illinois Seminar Education
1996-022W Threatened and Endangered Species Brochure for Landowners Education
1995-L14W Travelling Grassland Educational Display Education
1995-L12W Educator Training on Illinois Macrosites and Biodiversity Education
1995-L08W Sand Prairie, Dune and Scrub Oak Habitat Poster Education
1995-L06W Illinois Shorebird Management Training Workshop Education
1995-L04W Reprinting Habitat Posters Education
1995-051W Winter Twigs as Clues: A Visual Key to Deciduous Trees Native to Illinois Education
1995-049W Nongame Interactive Educational Exhibit Education
1995-036W Good Neighbor Brochure on Purple Loosestrife Education
1995-006W Stewardship Week Education
1995-003W North American Savannas and Barrens Conference Education
1995-001W A visitors guide to Quad Cities Bald Eagles Education
1994-L14W Sand Prairie Poster Education
1994-006W Illinois Insects: A Coloring Poster and Workbook Education
1994-001W A Visitors Guide to Quad Cities Bald Eagles Education
1993-L05W Hill/Sand Prairie Habitat Poster Education
1993-L03W Landowners Guide to Forest & Grassland Habitat Management for Nongame Wildlife Education
1993-032W Visitors Guides to the Palos Restoration Projects's Stewardship Sites Education
1993-022W Middle School Wetlands Program at the Lincoln Marsh Natural Area Education
1993-006W A Visitors Guide to Quad Cities Bald Eagles Education
1992-L02W Illinois Streams Habitat Poster Education
1992-055W Big Marsh Heron Rookery Study and Public Information Project Education
1992-053W Earth Caretakers Program Implementation Education
1992-033W Third Central Illinois Prairie Conference - Prairie Stewardship Ensuring the Future Education
1992-031W Illinois Wildlife Heritage Interpretive Trail: Endangered Illinois Wildlife at the Henson Robinson Zoo - Springfield, Illinois Education
1992-029W Slide Set and Script to Accompany Biodiversity in Illinois: Activities for Young People Education
1992-020W Adams Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Trail Guide: Self-guiding Nature Trail Education
1992-016W Foot bridge for Ridgetop Hill Prairie Education
1992-015W Lake Renwick Interpretive Sign Education
1992-007W Cedar Lake Signage for the Non-Game Wildlife Conservation Grant: Signage regarding Protection of Cedar Lake and Its Rare Species Education
1992-006W Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve Self Guided Walking Tour Education
1991-L11W Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas 1990 Annual Report Education
1991-L10W Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Education
1991-L02W Northern Illinois Wetland Poster Education
1991-038W Orr High School Nature Trail Education
1991-024W Sands Main Street Prairie Trail Guide Cary, Illinois Education
1991-008W The Indian Boundary Prairies brochure Education
1991-001W Butterfly Garden and Research Area Education
1990-L52W Illinois Wetland Habitat Poster Education
1990-L45W Breeding Bird Atlas Education
1990-029W Natural History Room at Union School Education
1990-022W Whiteside County Natural Area Signs Education
1990-019W Prairie Discovery Box Program Education
1990-009W Earthkeepers outdoor education program Education
1989-043W Breeding Bird Atlas of Illinois (4th year of 5 years) Education
1989-033W Prairie Wildflower and habitat Poster Education
1989-032W Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Education
1988-023W Bluebird Workshops Education
1988-022W Landscaping for Wildlife Workshops Education
1988-006W Breeding Bird Atlas of Illinois Education
1988-003W Natural Heritage Nexus Education
1988-002W Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Education
1988-001W Reprinting Non-Game Publications Education
1987-L32W Development of Audio/Visual Education Program on Frogs & Toads of Illinois Education
1987-035W Nongame Highlights Television Education
1987-034W Nongame Checkoff Promotion Education
1987-027W Midwest Environmental Education Conference 1986 Education
1987-022W Guide To "Listening For Birds" Education
1987-012W Project WILD Education
1987-008W Bluebird Workshops Education
1987-007W Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Education
1987-003W Wildflower Poster Education
1986-L07W Checkoff Promotion Education
1986-L06W Young Naturalist Adventure Kit Education
1986-L05W Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Education
1986-L01W Bluebird Workshops Education
1986-182W Project WILD Education
1986-150W Bird Checklist Education
1986-149W Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas Education
1986-100W Bald Eagle Awareness Education
1986-091W Nongame Conservation Opportunity Knocking Education
1986-090W Bat Film Education
1986-055W Bat Habitat Protection/Signage Education
1986-054W Woodworking for Wildlife Education
1986-042W Hawk Watch Tower Education
1986-041W Don't Shoot Hawks & Owls Posters Education
1985-022W Environmental Education Slide Show Education
1985-020W Environmental Education and Habitat Enhancement Education
1985-016W Environmental Education Curriculum for pre-school and kindergarten Education
1985-013W Environmental Education Education Display Education
1985-009W Wildlife Habitat Display and Fair Education