Archive for WPF Habitat Grants

The grants that are not hyperlinked have no associated report.

2012-L03W Restore the Loy Prairie-A Southern till Plain Prairie Preserve: Proposes to purchase ecotype native prairie plants, forb seed, native prairie grasses & sedges and native shrubs that focus on IL species of conservation concern. Habitat
2012-007W Restoration on the Douglas-Hart Nature Center Woodland Incorporating Management Techniques and Education: Requests monies to support the purchase of trees, shrubs and spring ephemerals for the D-HNC Habitat
2011-L09W Conservation of Illinois Chorus Frog Habitat on Private Lands in Mason County: To protect 12.85 acres of ephemeral wetlands and adjoining sand prairie buffers on private lands by providing a portion of the state funds for a federal grant to offer sign-up incentives to agricultural producers into CRP. Habitat
2011-014W Land & Water Reserves habitat restoration projects: To provide assistance with mound maintenance and native community restorations at these native American mound sites Habitat
2011-002W Help the Prairie Insects: To purchase Illinois ecotype prairie plants, prairie forb seed and native shrubs to enhance the prairie restoration at BNC focusing on providing critical habitat for 14 prairie dependent insect species of concern. Habitat
2010-011W Enhancing avian habitat by developing structural diversity through native shrub installation in a recently restored oak woodland: To establish several species of native shrub to increase floral diversity and provide structural diversity for local avifauna. Habitat
2010-004W Prairie and Shrubland Restoration: To purchase native prairie plants, prairie forb seed, native shrubs and additional educational materials that focus on grassland and shrubland in southeastern Illinois. Habitat
2010-002W Allerton Park Entrance Prairie Restoration: Seed purchase to restore 12 acres of land into prairie/oak savana at the entrance to the park Habitat
2010-001W Allerton Park Pond Restoration: To purchase wetland plants and seed to produce sufficient aquatic vegetation to maintain long-term breeding populations of at least five rare and declining fish species. Habitat
2009-L09W Pilot private lands initiative for Illinois chorus frog habitat in Cass and Menard Counties: To protect and improve critical habitats for the Illinois chorus from on private lands in these 2 counties by providing the landowner's cost share (25%) on practices that qualify for federal Farm Bill programs (wetland restoration, native grass buffer establishment, & invasive/woody vegetation control) at sites with extant populations and those with restoration potential. Habitat
2009-L06W Vernal Pond Restoration: To hire a contractor to restore a minimum of 10 reptile and amphibian vernal ponds at 2 locations in Vermilion County Habitat
2008-013W Assessment of Stream Valley Segments as Determinants of Stream Habitat Quality: To determine if valley segments are a valid way for selecting stream locations for determination of habitat quality. Habitat
2008-003W Lawrence County Wetland Restoration: For restoration of a 19-acre ephemeral wetland located on airport property to a diverse herbaceous community that would provide structure and cover for amphibians, marsh birds and other species once a dense stand of black willows is removed. Habitat
2007-029W Monitoring a Flying Squirrel Population with Nest boxes in a Fragmented Suburban Landscape: To set up a series of nest box grids within four fragmented woodlots on the University campus to monitor the local flying squirrel population Habitat
2007-020W An Island for the Birds: To assist in the construction of a nesting island for shorebirds within a 3-acre shallow water wetland restoration in the Karl Bartels Wildlife Sanctuary LWR in Marion County Habitat
2006-003W Shorebird Nesting Island: To create a secure shorebird nesting island as part of a 7-acre shallow water wetland surrounded by a 25-acre prairie restoration project. This will provide foraging and migratory habitats for shorebirds and marsh birds (Effingham County) Habitat
2005-L09W Highway 96 Hill Prairie Complex Project - Phase 1: This would be phase 1 of a 5 phase management plan. It targets 5 hill prairies to be managed as a complex rather than on an individual basis. Browning Hill Prairie, Walnut Grove Hill Prairie, North New Canton Hill Prairie - all in Calhoun and Pike Counties. Habitat
2005-018W Mannheim Middle Prairie Project 2004: Discuss, plan, design, plant, maintain, and document an indigenous prairie planting. Cook County, Illinois Habitat
2005-001W Learn about Reptiles and Amphibians: Construct several examples of habitats for reptiles and amphibians that can be developed on public and private land to promote the benefits and importance of these animals. Effingham County, IL Habitat
2004-008W Influence of seed source on the performance of three common prairie grasses in grassland restorations: Specifically test the importance of using local seed sources in establishing healthy, functioning plant populations within a restoration context Habitat
2003-L17W Vegetation analysis of forest communities before and after cutting, and the evaluation of potential natural areas at the Green River State Conservation Area. Lee County, IL Habitat
2003-L07W Grassland Protection Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) incentives Prairie Ridge State Park:   Habitat
2003-062W Preserving Native Prairie and Protecting Non-game Species Habitat Identify native species, eradicate exotics and invasive woody plants and seed approximately 4 acres at Byron Forest Preserve, Ogle County Habitat
2003-050W Investigate Bat Use of Bridges and Installed roosting Boxes in 13 southernmost counties in Illinois Habitat
2003-042W Reforestation of the Howard D. Colman Dells: Nature Preserve-collect seed and control weedy growth to plant 9 acres into forest, Ogle County Habitat
2003-011W Prairie Reconstruction: Plant 5 acres of prairie to connect a 13-acre wetland/mesic prairie to a 13-acre mesic prairie providing a 31 acre wetland/prairie complex in Coles county. Habitat
2003-004W Complete the restoration of a 5-acre gravel prairie located in Lawrence County, and provide refuge for the royal catchfly. Habitat
2003-002W Exotic Species Control at the Ballard Nature Center: Hire a licensed contract to treat various exotic species at the Ballard Nature Center in Effingham County. Habitat
2002-052W Prairie Reconstruction at Sugar Grove Habitat
2002-028W The Effects of Sugar Maple Removal on Macrofungi in Baber's Woods Nature Preserve Habitat
2002-015W Canbebrake - Re-creation at Shellbark Bottoms Natural Heritage Landmark, Lawrence County Habitat
2002-009W Native Prairie Wetland Seed Gathering Habitat
2002-008W Reseeding of Prairie Remnant - Lake Bluff Forest Preserve Habitat
2001-L09W Development of the Illinois Audubon Society Prairie Preserve in Jasper County Habitat
2001-001W Villa Grove High School Prairie Restoration: Science Club Prairie Plot - prairie restoration Habitat
2000-L04W Baseline Data Collection for Habitat Restoration at the Savanna Army Depot: Vegetation Structure and Composition Habitat
2000-L03W McNabb Habitat Area - Prairie & Wetland Restoration Habitat
2000-067W Lake Forest Ravine Restoration Habitat
2000-051W Effects of Site Management on the Avian Fauna of the Babe Woodyard State Natural Area, Vermilion Co., IL Habitat
2000-032W Tools for natural Community Restoration Habitat
2000-027W Fire safety equipment for burning Whiteside County Natural Areas Habitat
2000-026W Fire safety equipment for burning Henry County Natural Areas Habitat
2000-010W Managing Wetland Vegetation for Marsh Birds and Waterfowl Habitat
2000-004W Prairie Restoration at the Ballard Family Nature Center Habitat
2000-001W Evaluation for potential Illinois Cave Amphipod habitat Habitat
1999-L01W Purchase Prairie Grass and Forb Seed for Ecoteam Prairie Restorations Habitat
1999-046W Southeastern Illinois College Nature Trail and Native Prairie Grass Project Habitat
1999-006W Prairie Analysis at Prairie Ridge State Natural Area Habitat
1998-L07W Ground Water Tracing to Delineate Recharge Areas for Three Biologically Signigicant Cave Systems in Monroe County Habitat
1998-051W Upkeep Restoration of Spring Grove Prairie Habitat
1998-043W Establishment of two 2 acre prairies upon the Watershed Nature Center Habitat
1998-009W Prairie Reclamation at Alpha Park Habitat
1998-007W Ecosystem Function and Restoration in the Cache River Bioreserve, Illinois Habitat
1998-003W The Influence of Hydrology and Nest Predation on the Site Fidelity and Population Dynamics of a Neotropical Migratory Bird: Implications for Floodplain Restoration Habitat
1997-L04W Large Grassland Ecosystem Project: Identification of Large Grassland Ecosystems in Illinois Habitat
1997-043W Determination of Seed Bank Composition for Sites of an Endangered Floodplain Species, Boltonia Decurrens Habitat
1997-022W Habitat Use by Small Mammals in an Intensively Managed Grassland Wildlife Sanctuary (Multi-year report) Habitat
1997-004W Ecosystem Function and Restoration in the Cache River Bioreserve, Illinois Habitat
1997-001W Golden Mouse Arboreal Nest Placement: A Multivariate Habitat Analysis Habitat
1996-L03W The Joliet Arsenal and the Prairie Parklands Macrosite Habitat
1996-050W Ecosystem function and restoration in the Cache River Bioreserve, Illinois Habitat
1996-045W Experimental Restoration of a Limestone Glade: Restoration of a Limestone Glade and Former Barrens at Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve in Southwestern Illinois Habitat
1995-L10W Prairie White-fringed Orchid Habitat Rehabilitation Habitat
1995-L09W A 20-year resurvey and assessment of the 1993 Wind Storm and Flood on the old-growth and secondary growth forests at Horseshoe Lake, IL Habitat
1995-123W The Joliet Arsenal & the Prairie Parklands Macrosite: An Opportunity for Grassland Birds Habitat
1995-056W Ophir Prairie Restoration Habitat
1995-039W Peoria Wilds Comprehensive Project Habitat
1995-015W Experimental Restoration of a Limestone Glade and Dry Upland Forest Habitat
1994-L04W Private Land Wetland Restoration Habitat
1994-048W Peoria Wilds Comprehensive Project Habitat
1994-035W Cuba Marsh Nest Cover Improvement Habitat
1994-021W Hill Prairie Inventory of JoDaviess County, Illinois Habitat
1994-017W Will County Native Plant Nursery Habitat
1994-005W The Role of Flooding in Seed Dispersal: Restoration of Cypress Swamps along the Cache River, IL Habitat
1994-003W Prairie Restoration in Jubilee College State Park: With Emphasis on 1994 Habitat
1993-L09W Private Land Wetland Restoration Habitat
1993-017W Improvements at Beach Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve Habitat
1993-010W Restoration of Cypress Swamps along the Cache River, Southern Illinois Habitat
1993-002W Forest in the Prairie State - Their Ecological Significance Habitat
1992-L18W Wetland Restoration - Morain Hills State Park Habitat
1992-L09W Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Adjacent Sites at Trail of Tears Habitat
1992-051W Indian Boundary Park-Prairie Garden Habitat
1992-045W Agnew Triangle Prairie Restoration Habitat
1992-041W Improvements at Beach Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve Habitat
1992-017W Restoration of the Chicago Junior School Fen Habitat
1992-008W Lake Forest Ravine Restoration Project Habitat
1991-L05W Faunal Inventory of Illinois Seeps and Springs Habitat
1991-032W Twelve Mile Prairie (A Floristic Study) Habitat
1991-022W The Vegetational Ecology of Six Southern Flatwoods on the Illinoian Tillplain of Illinois Habitat
1991-018W Fire Frequency in Oak-Hickory Forests of Southern Illinois Habitat
1991-016W Project Prairie (Shipman Blacktop) Habitat
1991-014W Habitat Use by Crayfish (Orconectes Illinoiensis) and Mussels in Two Illinois Streams Habitat
1990-L50W Classification & Inventory of High Quality Flowing Waters & habitats of Threatened & Endangered Aquatic Species (RFP 2 Year Study: High Quality Stream Survey (1st of 2 years) Habitat
1990-L49W Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Adjacent Sites at Trail of Tears State Forest: Impacts of Selective Logging on Bird Community Composition and Nesting Success in the Trail of Tears State Forest Habitat
1990-L48W Inventory of Large Contiguous Forests in Illinois Habitat
1990-L46W Indiana Bat Summer Habitat Study Habitat
1990-039W Prairie Reclamation at William H. Sommer Park Habitat
1990-021W Aldeen Prairie Project Habitat
1990-013W Inventory of Remnant Prairie Sites, Knox County,IL Habitat
1990-008W Vegetational Composition of the Natural Forest Openings in Southern Illinois: Vegetational Analysis of the Barrens in Southern Illinois Habitat
1989-124W Restoration of Lakeside Daisy at Manito PrairieNature Preserve, Tazewell Co., Illinois Habitat
1989-051W Identification of Unfragmented Forest Blocks in the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois Habitat
1989-047W Habitat Protection - Illinois Heron Colonies Habitat
1989-010W Grassland Habitat Restoration Habitat
1988-014W Osprey Nesting Platforms Habitat
1988-005W IL Heron Colonies - Habitat Protection Habitat
1987-029W Abandoned Railroad Habitat Assessment in Monticello Area Habitat
1987-028W Native Prairie Species Habitat Protection Habitat
1987-021W O.W.L. - Species Enclosure Pod Habitat
1987-019W Shorebird Habitat Restoration Habitat
1987-010W Management of Sugar Maple in Oak Hickory Forests: Woody Understory Before and After Burning at Rocky Branch Nature Preserve, Clark County, IL Habitat
1987-006W Wetland Restoration at Cuba Marsh Habitat
1987-001W Restoration & Management of a 20 acre Prairie containing Red Root Habitat
1986-L03W Prairie Restoration Habitat
1986-096W Bat Roost Restoration Habitat
1986-020W Prairie Plant Propogation Workshop Habitat
1986-018W Bat Colony Relocation Habitat
1986-016W Butterfly Gardens Brochure Habitat
1986-015W Landscaping for Wildlife Habitat
1986-006W Duncan Prairie Acquisition Habitat
1985-010W Prairie Insect Survey: Insect Habitat: Prairie-Woodland Nature Preserve Habitat
1985-008W Grassland Habitat Restoration: Lake County Habitat
1985-007W Effects of Adjacent Habitats on Avian Communities Along Illinois Highways Habitat