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Management1985-002WView GrantPrairie Chicken Nesting Ecology: Grassland Wildlife Ecology and Management Investigations
Management1985-017WBluebird and Kestrel Boxes
Management1985-019WView GrantNelson Lake Baseline Study (Effects of prescribed fire on wetland/prairie ecosystem)
Management1986-127WBuild Bluebird Nesting Boxes for Bluebird Trails
Management1986-154WBuild Bluebird Nesting Boxes for Bluebird Trails
Management1986-L02WDouble-crested Cormorant Nest Structures
Management1987-002WArtificial Nest Use by Cliff Swallows
Management1987-004WMapping Blackball Mine
Management1987-009WView GrantBarn Owl Nesting Enhancement in Lee County, Illinois
Management1987-011WaView GrantA Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodland and Savanna Plants and Animals: Leaf Litter Beetles and Insects
Management1987-011WbView GrantA Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodland and Savanna Plants and Animals: Vascular Vegetation
Management1987-011WcView GrantA Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodland and Savanna Plants and Animals: Bird Species
Management1987-011WdView GrantA Study of Effects of Prescribed Burning on Oak Woodland and Savanna Plants and Animals: Small Mammals
Management1987-016WView GrantInventory and Feasibility of Management Procedures for the Apple Creek Wetland Refuge
Management1987-018WPurple Loosestrife Control
Management1987-023WControl of Invading Woody Herbaceous Vegetation
Management1987-L38WCormorant Nest Structures at the Spring Lake Unit of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Refuge
Management1988-004WVulnerable Wildlife Habitat Mapping
Management1988-008WPlant Tracking & Monitoring Database
Management1988-020WView GrantVegetation Management Guidelines Canada thistle, Fescue, Garlic Mustard, Johnson Johnson grass, Moneywort, Quaking Aspen, Reed canary grass, Round-leaved bittersweet, Siberian elm, Smooth Sumac, Wild Parsnip, and Wintercreeper or Climbing Euonymus
Management1988-027WReproductivity & Response of Black-crowned Night Herons to Nesting Structures
Management1988-028WAdvisory Committee Expenses
Management1988-029WPromotion Expenses
Management1989-034WPlant Tracking and Monitoring Database
Management1989-063WUtilization of species/habitat models to reduce forest fragmentation
Management1989-099WView GrantInitiation of a Mead's Milkweed Recovery Program in Illinois
Management1989-110WDate Base of Illinois Lepidoptera
Management1990-003WExotic shrub control on the Indian Boundary Prairies
Management1990-006WView GrantManagement Control Experiment for Garlic Mustard (Alliariaofficinalis) : Experimental Control of Garlic Mustard (Alliariaofficinalis) in Northern Illinois Using Fire, Herbicideand Cutting
Management1990-024WView GrantManagement Plan for Root Cemetery
Management1990-034WEconaher Project - Exotic Control at the ONA & Herbiced Effectiveness Research
Management1990-L53WInterim Report II on the Study of the Species Biology of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)
Management1991-011WProtection of Loda Cemetery Prairie through Boundary Fencing
Management1991-013WView GrantPage Park Wetland Resource Inventory and Five Year Management Plan (Rockford Park District)
Management1991-039WProtection of Weston Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve by Fencing
Management1991-L03WaView GrantReport on Vegetative Propagation of Meads Milkweed(Asclepias meadii) and Propagation from Cuttings of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) as a Surrogate for Mead's Milkweed
Management1991-L03WbView GrantReport on Vegetative Propagation of Meads Milkweed(Asclepias meadii) and Propagation from Cuttings of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) as a Surrogate for Mead's Milkweed
Management1991-L04WPreserve Selection and Design
Management1991-L07WView GrantCurrent and Historic Distribution of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in Illinois
Management1991-L08WView GrantThe Species Biology of Garlic Mustard in Illinois
Management1992-018WThe Species Biology of Garlic Mustard in Illinois
Management1992-032WTesting the Effect of Prescribed Fire for Garlic Mustard Control on Understory Herbs in Mixed Deciduous Forest
Management1992-035WView GrantNorthwest Illinois Barn Owl Nesting Box Project
Management1992-038WBluff Spring Fen Access Gate
Management1992-L03WView GrantDetermination of Rate of Spread and Impact on Native Flora of Garlic Mustard: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata {Bieb.} Cavara and Grande) Rate of Spread and Potential Impacton Groundlayer Species
Management1993-019WCitizen Stream Monitoring on the DuPage River
Management1993-020WBrush Control in East-Central Illinois Natural Areas
Management1993-023WView GrantEffects of Management on Vegetation and Plant Community Structure at Bluff Springs Fen
Management1993-029WRemoval of Non-natives in Iroquois County Conservation Area
Management1993-L02WView GrantIllinois Natural Areas Inventory Update - Boundary Delineation
Management1993-L04WView GrantDatabase of Illinois Lepidoptera - Phase III Hesperiidae, Lycasenidae & Riodinidae
Management1993-L06WView GrantEffects of Prescribed Burning on Duff-Inhabiting Insects: The Effect of Season and Intensity of Fire on Populations of Ground-Dwelling Arthropods
Management1994-018WExotic Species Control and Oak Barrens Restoration at McMaster Woods Nature Preserve
Management1994-025WFence to Protect the Rocky Branch Nature Preserve
Management1994-047WWetland Management - Water Level Control
Management1994-L01WView GrantEffects of Prescribed Burning and Savannah Restoration on Breeding Birds in Illinois Forests
Management1994-L01WaView GrantEffects of Prescribed Burning and Savannah Restoration on Breeding Birds in Illinois Forests (2nd Yr. Rept)
Management1994-L01WbView GrantEffects of Prescribed Burning and Maple Removal on Breeding Birds in Illinois Forests: Effects of Oak Savanna Restoration on Avian Populations and Communities in Illinois (Final Report)
Management1994-L05WView GrantUse of Prescribed Fire in the Control of Garlic Mustard: Fire Impact on Garlic Mustard and Groundlayer Flora in a Mesic Sand Forest
Management1994-L06WTrails Inventory of USFS Managed Natural Areas
Management1994-L09WRe-evaluation of INAI Forest Composition
Management1994-L11WGreater Prairie Chicken Translocation and Radion Telemetry Study
Management1994-L16WMacrosite Selection and site Design for Joliet Army Ammunition Plant
Management1995-025WConservation and Management of the Upland Sandpiper at the Joliet Arsenal
Management1995-062WView GrantIncreasing Citizen Involvement in Water Quality Monitoring
Management1995-L01WView GrantDevelopment of Illinois Stream Management Strategies Modeled on the Mackinaw River
Management1995-L07WRiver Otter Restoration
Management1996-034WEvaluation of Fungal Pathogens and Biocontral Agenst of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria Petrolata)
Management1996-046WView GrantThe Organization of the Inventory Sampling Data
Management1996-L01WView GrantDevelopment of Illinois Stream Management Strategies Modeled on The Mackinaw River: Geomorphic Stream Habitat Assessment, Classification, and Management Recommendations for the Mackinaw River Watershed, Illinois AND Stream Classification and Assessment
Management1996-L02WView GrantUpdate of the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory: Directory of Prairie Habitats in Northern & Central Illinois
Management1996-L08WRiver Otter Restoration
Management1996-L15WWhite-tailed Deer Grazing Damage to Prairie Vegetation
Management1997-002WView GrantJordan Creek Wildlife Refuge Management
Management1997-045WView GrantThe Effect of Various Management Regimes on Species Composition in Shale Glade Communities, Union County, Illinois
Management1997-L05WView GrantRiver Otter Restoration
Management1997-L08WPrairie Insect Community Restoration within the Midewin Tallgrass Prairie Restoration. Phase One: Establishment of Performance Standards for Assessing Restoration Progress
Management1997-L11WView GrantComparative Resample of INAI Sand Prairies in Western IL: Twenty-year Changes in Fire-Managed and Unmanaged Sand Prairie Vegetation in Northwestern Illinois
Management1998-001WView GrantPrescribed Fire Training for the Management and Preservation of Natural Areas
Management1998-004WFire Safety Equipment for Prescribed Burning of Natural Areas
Management1998-006WRestoration Tools to be Used by Midewin Volunteers
Management1998-034WView GrantBrush Cutting Alien species by the Kankakee-Iroquois VSN
Management1998-035WView GrantPeoria Wilds Invasive Species Management
Management1998-040WView GrantDetermination of Genetic Markers for Prairie Rose Gentian, Sabatia campestris: Determination of Microsatellite Markers for Prairie Rose Gentian
Management1998-041WStewardship of Railroad Prairies
Management1998-049WGarlic Mustard Control
Management1998-050WView GrantEffect of Burning on Epigeic Springtail Insects of Oak Woodlands
Management1998-L01WFire Safety Equipment for Prescribed Burning of Natural Areas
Management1999-020WFire Safety Equipment for Prescribed Burning of Natural Areas
Management1999-054WView GrantEstablishment of Permanent Photo Stations on Natural Areas in the Prairie Grove Volunteers Region of the Nature Conservancy Volunteer Stewardship Network of Illinois
Management1999-L04WView GrantEffects of Deer Grazing on Spring Wildflowers at Beall Woods Nature Preserve
Management1999-L06WShawnee National Forest Natural Areas Management
Management1999-L07WGreen River State Wildlife Area Vegetation Management Monitoring
Management1999-L09WHydrologic monitoring - Cache River Watershed
Management2003-L08WView GrantEntry of Original Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Data into Database Format: Computerize INAI site data and compile draft community type species templates
Management2003-L15WView GrantEvaluation of the Fire Effects on Structure, Composition and Diversity in Flatwoods, Barrens, and Oak Woodland Communities: Establish permanent vegetation monitoring plots at Chip-O-Will Woods and Beaver Dam State Park, Macoupin County
Management2004-003WView GrantBurr Oak Savanna Restoration: Identify and flag all desirable vegetation to prevent damage or removal, cut and remove all exotic species and undesirable woody vegetation, reseed with native savanna grasses and forbs.
Management2004-005WView GrantPrairie Management: Conduct broadleaf control and follow up planting of forb mixture on this 31 acre prairie/wetland prairie complex located in the Douglas Hart Nature Center.
Management2004-042WView GrantSite management of Busey Woods and Meadowbrook Prairie, Urbana, IL (Champaign County)
Management2004-L05WView GrantThirty-First Natural Areas Conference, Chicago, Illinois: Planning and Implementation - Assist in the development of this conference planned for October 2004 in or near Chicago
Management2004-L14WView GrantRecovery Plan for the Greater Prairie Chicken in Illinois - Phase 3 (Publishing): Finalization of Prairie Chicken Recovery Plan and preparation of final document for publication.
Management2004-L17WView GrantCompletion of the INAI baseline database: To fine tune data transfer and conduct quality control for INAI information collected during the original INAI field inventory completed in 1978.
Management2004-L21WView GrantUpdate of Plant Element Occurrence Records in Southern Illinois: Update plant EOR's for Southern IL in the IDNR database, providing GPS, topographic and air photo documentation of EOR locations along with a brief narrative on each population.
Management2005-008WView GrantSummer Internship Program in Natural Areas Management: Assist in the funding of the internship program which utilizes college students or recent graduates for management of 14 sites in Champaign County, Illinois
Management2005-L26WView GrantIllinois Natural Areas Inventory: Update, Map, centralize and computerize all the factual data about natural areas and endangered species in Illinois, bringing together all the current state of the art knowledge about landscape ecology, ecosystem, restora
Management2006-013WView GrantThe Effectiveness of Artificial Riffles in Illinois Stream: To study the efficiency of artificial riffles as techniques for increasing stream habitat and aquatic diversity. (Coles, Clark and McLean Counties)
Management2006-036WView GrantEcological impacts of invasive reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea): To compare athropd abundance and diversity, small mammal abundance and diversity, and use by songbirds between areas dominated by reed canary grass and native vegetation. (Henry Coun
Management2006-037WView GrantEvaluation of Newbury Weirs (Rock Riffles) for Improving Habitat Quality and Biotic Diversity in Illinois Streams: Determine the Weirs effectiveness through assessment of physical habitat, macroinvertebrate communities and fish assemblages and determine i
Management2006-L03WView GrantHighway 96 Hill Prairie Complex Project-Phase 2: Contracting out the brush/herbicide work for the Pleasant Hill Prairie and the Calhoun County Hill Prairie Sub-Complex. Pike & Calhoun Counties
Management2006-L10WView GrantGIS Mapping and Database Linkage for INAI Prairies and Wetlands in the Chicago Region of Illinois: To provide GIS map files and data base for prairies and wetlands originally described and sampled by the INAI. (McHenry, Lake Kane, DuPage, Cook & Will Coun
Management2006-L14WView GrantMonitoring the effect of disturbance on the growth and development of planted giant cane to improve success of canebrake restoration: To improve management techniques to enhance the growth, spread and competitive position of planted giant cane for the dev
Management2006-L23WView GrantConstruct ephemeral wetlands at Crawford County FWA: To construct more than three (3) ephemeral wetlands on a bottomland site where nearby uplands provide habitat for adults but not breeding/larval habitat (Crawford County)
Management2007-001WView GrantProviding Housing for Winged Creatures/Swifts, Martins & Bats: Through construction and development of artificial habitats this project will focus on three species whose populations are declining but have opportunities for restoring local populations.
Management2007-009WView GrantThe Effect of Extreme Hydrologic Events on Macroinvertebrate Community Structure: To investigate the effect of dam activity (variable flow rates) on the benthic macroinvertebrate community within the downstream reach of the Sangamon River west of Decatur,
Management2007-014WView GrantPrescribed Burning Equipment for Restoration Management: To purchase personal safety equipment including Nomex fire suites, gloves, helmets, goggles, masks, radio harness, and gear bags to use along with the current equipment already on hand at ECSWCD. Th
Management2007-016WView GrantEast-central Illinois Natural Areas Internship: To assist in the funding of two interns to do steward work on over 30 natural areas in east-central Illinois. The work involves controlling exotic and invasive plant species, brush cutting, maintaining signs
Management2007-019WView GrantManagement of Purple Loosestrife and Reed Canary Grass: To purchase 12 backpack sprayers for use in herbicide application for Purple Loosestrife and Reed Canary Grass on Kane County Forest Preserve Sites
Management2007-031WView GrantPrairie Functional Composition: Development of a Rapid Assessment Method for Measuring Vegetation Integrity: To develop a method based on functional group density for judging the floristic quality of a prairie community that can be implemented more quickl
Management2007-L01WView GrantIncreasing Seedling Recruitment in Populations of Lespedeza leptostachya in Illinois: To increase the viability of this metapopulation through application of a grass-specific post emergent herbicide
Management2007-L06WView GrantHighway 96 Hill Prairie Complex Project - Phase 2: Contracting out the bush/herbicide work for the Pheasant Hill Prairie and the Calhoun County Hill Prairie Sub-Complex. Pike & Calhoun Counties
Management2007-L07WaView GrantUpdating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database: To verify element occurrence records for the IL Natural Heritage Database over all 5 Regions of Illinois. One contractor will be chosen for each region with an antici
Management2007-L07WbView GrantUpdating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database: To verify element occurrence records for the IL Natural Heritage Database over all 5 Regions of Illinois. One contractor will be chosen for each region with an antici
Management2007-L07WcView GrantUpdating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database: To verify element occurrence records for the IL Natural Heritage Database over all 5 Regions of Illinois. One contractor will be chosen for each region with an antici
Management2007-L07WdView GrantUpdating of Historical Plant Species Records Contained in the Natural Heritage Database: To verify element occurrence records for the IL Natural Heritage Database over all 5 Regions of Illinois. One contractor will be chosen for each region with an antici
Management2007-L09WView GrantStabilization of the abandoned "Barney Grace Mine" entrance: Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) Priority 2 Hibernacula, Alexander County, Illinois: To stabilize and gate the entrance to the abandoned mine to prevent trespass in order to maintain winter and summ
Management2008-016WView GrantEast-Central Illinois Natural Areas Internship: To hire interns to supplement the stewards controlling exotic and invasive plant species and other maintenance at GPF property.
Management2008-027WView GrantWoodland Trails Habitat Restoration Project: To remove invasive species of plants; specifically European Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard.
Management2008-031WView GrantManagement and Restoration Analysis for Kankakee Sands: Black Oak Sand Savannas: To provide land managers a science-based plan to help formulate, implement, and monitor effective management and restoration of the endangered black oak sand savannas.
Management2008-L02WView GrantPlants of Concern" Mobilizing Citizen Scientists to Protect Illinois'Rare Plants through Long-Term Monitoring: To monitor and protect the region's rare, threatened, and endangered plants using a corp of volunteer citizen scientist using standardized proto
Management2008-L15WView GrantRiver to River Cooperative Weed Management Area Outreach Support (RtRCWMA): To develop outreach materials to target regional key audiences on invasive weed management.
Management2009-002WView GrantWetland Restoration and Education: To purchase Illinois ecotype wetland plants and wetland seed to enhance the shallow water wetlands at the nature center along with various wetland related educational items/materials.
Management2009-005WView GrantComparative seed anatomy of Illinois tallgrass prairie species with and without reported smoke-induced germination: The study will focus on a comparative anatomical examination of seeds that require smoke for successful germination to seeds of species wit
Management2009-006WView GrantControl of common tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) near two high quality sites: To reduce current tansy populations by 80% at both Big Rock and Dick Young Forest Preserves in order to prevent future invasion of high quality areas
Management2009-007WView GrantNon-native Invasive Plant Species Control Project: To spot apply herbicide to recently cut Oriental bittersweet stumps along the roadside and along trails at Giant City State Park by members with herbicide operator licenses.
Management2009-011WView GrantSkokie River Nature Preserve Garden Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) Management: To manage this non-native invasive population in the Skokie River Nature Preserve to preserve the remnant prairie parcel
Management2009-021WView GrantComparison of Shrub Honeysuckle Eradication Techniques for Private Landowners: To execute a field experiment comparing the efficiency of two kinds of honeysuckle control treatments applied May-December
Management2009-L08WaView GrantMapping of Selected Invasive Plant Species in Illinois: To determine the extent of distribution of selected naturalized/established invasive plant species populations of highest concern at the time of the survey; and determine the distribution of new inva
Management2009-L08WbView GrantMapping of Selected Invasive Plant Species in Illinois: To determine the extent of distribution of selected naturalized/established invasive plant species populations of highest concern at the time of the survey; and determine the distribution of new inva
Management2009-L15WView GrantIllinois Natural Areas Inventory Vegetation Analysis tool: To provide a data analysis product for use in INAI field notebooks and office applications in the form of Excel spreadsheet program modules designed to analyze vegetation sampling data
Management2009-L16WView GrantTo make available to the DNR and other Land-owning agencies geo-referenced digital versions of the original INAI natural community maps of forests sampled in the Chicago Region of Illinois.
Management2010-006WView GrantVolunteer Stewardship Program: To assist the CCFPD with purchasing hand tools for trail stewards, tools for herbicide applicators, and tools for frog surveyors.
Management2010-009WView GrantCompounds in Smoke Solutions Created when Burning Tallgrass Prairie Species: Determining what compounds are present in smoke solutions that are created when burning tallgrass prairie species.
Management2010-L08WView GrantUsing a landscape approach to refine conservation plans for Illinois Chorus Frog (Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis): To assist resource professionals interested in Illinois chorus frog by predicting historical range of and potential habitat for the specie
Management2010-L12WView GrantInstallation of boot brush stations at priority trailheads in southern Illinois to prevent invasive plant spread: To install 15 boot brush stations at high priority trailheads including education signs.
Management2011-006WView GrantInvasive Species Control at Deer Run East: To hire a contractor to apply herbicide to reed canary grass and other species in late fall or spring on property being managed as a natural area
Management2011-011WView GrantEast-Central Illinois Natural Areas Internship: Assist with 2 summer internships which will work at over 30 areas in 5 counties
Management2011-012WView GrantRestoration Planning and Implementation-Lusk Creek Illinois Audubon Sanctuary: To assist in development of a site management plan and restore and protect native plant and animal communities.
Management2011-L01WView GrantChicago Land CWMA Early Detection Initiative; Enhancement of web-based Resources and implementation of the Lake Plain Invasive Plant Strike Team: To move the database and website to the CBG, redesign the website to offer updated and more current informati
Management2011-L07WView GrantSouthern Illinois Weed Watch-Wilderness Natural Areas and Priority Zones Mapping Project: To identify locations of invasive plant species that are within or directly threaten Natural Areas that occur within the Burden Falls, Clear Springs, Garden of the G
Management2011-L14WView GrantSolar powered pond aeration system for Alligator Snapping Turtle breeding pond located in Springfield, Illinois: To maintain the year round health of the pond and prevent massive icing in the winter.
Management2011-L28WView GrantStiltgrass Summit Field Trip and Public Lecture: To assist in hosting the first national conference on Japanese stiltgrass, the 2010 Stiltgrass Summit.
Management2012-001WView GrantConservation & Management of the Imperiled Ornate Box Turtle in Northwest Illinois
Management2012-006WView GrantSilver bordered Fritillary Repatriation at Indian Boundary Prairies : repatriate captive bred silver bordered fritillaries
Management2012-013WView GrantConservation strategies for migrating populations of leaf litter snakes at an Illinois State Park: Research outlined in this proposal concerns the small snake species inhabiting the leaf litter microhabitat at Fox Ridge S.P.
Management2012-017WView GrantExotic species management through volunteerism at Allerton Park, Piatt Co., Illinois: This project will outfit volunteer groups the proper hand tools needed to effectively control the exotic species that occur within the park.
Management2012-020WView GrantPreparation of Eastern Massasauga Tissues for Genetic Analysis : extract DNA from the 500+ individual tissue samples collected and use PCR protocols to select 16 microsatellite loci that amplify and show great variability
Management2012-022WView GrantEvaluating Created Wetlands for Amphibian Diversity and Persistence : evaluate the quality of created vernal wetlands of different ages for amphibian diversity and persistence.
Management2012-L12WStatewide Prescribed Fire needs Assessment for Illinois
Management2012-L20WView GrantINAI Update of Select Areas of the State: This money would provide a seed match for the Illinois Natural History Survey to obtain up to $300,000 from private foundations/organizations/companies.
Management2013-001WView GrantControl Exotics on the Ballard Nature Center: The hiring of a local contractor is needed to handle herbicides that volunteers cannot apply.
Management2013-006WView GrantRestoration of Fermilab's Oak Savanna: To increase the quality of our oak savanna in terms of the number and amount of native plants which it supports.
Management2013-007WView GrantEast-Central Illinois Natural Areas Internship: Teach interns about tallgrass prairie, woodland, savanna, and wetland natural areas stewardship & rationale for stewardship in east-central Illinois.
Management2013-021WView GrantEliminate Phragmites Campaign at Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve: The eradication of Phragmites is paramount to the preservation and proliferation of the astounding biodiversity at this preserve.
Management2013-033WView GrantLet's Bring Back the Barn Owl: Installation and Monitoring of 10 nest boxes. Placement of the boxes will be determined by criteria in the Barn Owl Recovery Plan.
Management2013-034WView GrantVernal Pond Development at the Loy Prairie Restoration: The construction of 3 vernal ponds will provide critical habitat for reptiles and amphibians, dragonflies, aquatic insects and other species that use verna ponds for breeding, foraging or migration.
Management2013-L11WView GrantRestore the Loy Prairie - A Southern Till Plain Prairie Preserve (Phase II): To purchase ecotype native prairie forb seed and native shrubs to further diversify the Loy Prairie restoration and improve habitat quality for the IL species.
Management2014-003WView GrantHarley Woods Restoration: Remove invasive woody and herbaceous plants, especially multiflora rose, Asiatic honeysuckles, garlic mustard, Dames's rocket, boxelder, and cherry.
Management2014-006WView GrantInvasive Species Removal at Deer Run East: Contract Witness Tree Native Landscapes to remove invasive brush & small trees; apply herbicide to cut stems, reed canary grass, cattails, thistles, wild chervil and other invasive plants.
Management2014-007WView GrantComparison of Different Growing Treatments for Herbaceous Woodland Plants: This project is to research the best restoration practice for native woodland herbaceous plants to establish and reproduce thereby benefiting the habitat for non-game wildlife.
Management2014-017WView GrantBlanding's Turtle Nesting Grounds Restoration: This project will restore historic nesting grounds which have been invaded by woody brush and trees due to lack of natural or prescribed fire.
Management2014-032WView GrantRegional Biodiversity of Terrestrial Heteroptera (Tree Bugs) & Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids) in Southwestern Illinois: The invertebrate fauna of terrestrial habitats in this area is understudied, and the findings of this study will provide
Management2014-L02WView GrantPlants of Concern: Mobilizing Citizen Scientists to Study and Protect Illinois' Rare Plants through Long-term Monitoring: Standardizing training and data collection protocols, the program ensures reliable, scientically-sound data through which land manage
Management2014-L24WView GrantLet's Bring Back the Barn Owl: The overall objective is to follow the goals and recommendations of the IL Barn Owl Recovery Plan, with the ultimate goal of delisting the species in Illinois.
Management2015-003WHammel Woods Bat Habitat Project - Forest Preserve District of Will County: To relocate Bat Condo in the best interest of both visitors and bats.