Buffalo Prairie Pheasant Habitat Area

2022-2023 Season


Location:  Knox County, one mile north-east of Snakeden Hollow SFWA.


Area Description:  Total area - 320 acres of which 300 acres have been established with warm and cool season grasses and legumes to provide habitat for pheasants and other grassland birds.  The remaining acreage consists of lakes, ponds, & wetlands.  This site is managed as a satellite of Snakeden Hollow SFWA. Active habitat management will be occurring throughout the year on the site.

Pheasant, Quail, & RabbitDates BelowStatewideFree Windshield Card Required;
See below
TrappingDates BelowStatewideFree Windshield Card Required;
See below


  1. Severe weather and safety conditions can result in closing all or part of the area.
  3. It shall be unlawful to possess or consume alcoholic beverages while hunting in the area.
  5. Hunters under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  7. All hunting must be with shotgun or bow and arrow, (flu-flu arrows only and no broadheads).


  1. Pheasant, Quail, & Rabbit - YOUTH HUNTING ONLY  for the first two weeks of the upland season (YOUTH HUNTER= hunters less than 16 accompanied by a non-hunting adult).  Site opens to upland hunting with statewide regulations after the first two weeks of the season.
  2. All hunters and trappers must go online to https://dnr2.illinois.gov/windshieldcard/ for a free Buffalo Prairie Windshield Card.
  3. All hunters and non-hunting adults must wear a cap and outer garment of solid blaze orange, (at least 400 square inches).
  4. Upland hunting is non-toxic shot only (#3 steel or other equivalent USFWS approved high-density, non-toxic shot).
  5. Trapping begins at sunrise on December 26th.
  6. Only Egg Traps*, D-P (Dog Proof) Traps*, box traps, cage traps, & traps of similar design may be used for land sets.  Body gripping traps must have a jaw spread of 10" or less and be completely submerged under water. 

 For more information contact:  Snakeden Hollow SFWA, 1936 IL Rt. 167, Victoria, IL 61485, PH. 309-879-2607.

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