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Meeker State Habitat Area

2020-2021 Season


Location: 3 miles west of Hidalgo, in northern Jasper county.

Description: The woodland on this area slopes steeply toward the southeast along an upland cropfield in the southwest corner, down to an east bottom cropfield, and drops northeast over a bluff above the Embarras River. The woods is mostly oak-hickory with maple understory.

Total Acres: 72 Developed: 1
Huntable Acres: 71 River: 2
Woodland: 47 Cropland: 22

Legal Game Species:
Deer Squirrel Turkey
Quail Rabbit Woodcock
Dove Waterfowl Furbearers

Area Regulations: Statewide rules and regulations apply at this site, unless otherwise specified. The area is posted open to hunting.

  1. Windshield Cards are required for species as noted. These are available online at dnr2.illinois.gov/Windshieldcard. Navigate to "hunting/trapping: and then "public hunting areas" to print these permits. Hunters will be required to return to this website prior to February 15th each year to record harvest information. Failure to submit data will result in loss of hunting privileges for the following year.
  2. Hunters are required to have a Site Permit, in addition to licenses, stamps, and species permits necessary for the game being hunted.
  3. The Site Permit Parking Card must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle used while hunting at the site. Hunters must park in designated areas. No off-road vehicle use allowed.
  4. Hunters must maintain accurate records of each hunt on the Harvest Report form provided.
  5. Firearm Turkey hunters must apply for a site specific permit through the statewide lottery. The Spring Turkey Harvest Report is to be returned at season's end.
  6. Hunting is to be done with shotgun or bow and arrow only, with the exceptions that .22 or smaller rimfire firearms and muzzleloaders may be used for squirrels and furbearers, muzzle-loading rifles may be used during the Firearm and Muzzleloader deer seasons, and legal handguns may be used for Firearm deer season. (Jasper County is closed for Late Winter deer season).
  7. Blaze orange is required while upland game hunting and during firearm deer seasons.
  8. Dove hunters are required to use size 7-1/2, 8, or 9 lead or bismuth shot, or size 6 or smaller steel shot.
  9. Permanent tree stands are prohibited. Portable tree stands are allowed and may be left unattended overnight during the period September 15 through January 31. Only one stand is allowed per hunter. Each stand must be legibly marked with the owner's name, address, and telephone number when left unattended. No nails, screws, or other devices are allowed to pierce trees.
  10. Night hunting for furbearers is allowed; permit required, see above.

For further information, contact Site Superintendent, Sam Parr State Park, 13225 State Highway 33, Newton IL 62448, phone: 618/783-2661​​

Equal opportunity to participate in programs of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and those funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies is available to all individuals regardless of race, sex, national origin, disability, age, religion, or other non-merit factors. If you believe you have been discriminated against, contact the funding source’s civil rights office and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, IDNR, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702; (217)785-0067; TTY (217)782-9175.