Spring Turkey Program


2022 Spring Turkey Application Information Page (includes application dates, season dates, hunt locations, and more)  Please refer to the Application Information Page before submitting an application.  Lottery Applicants:  Your method of payment account will not be charged at time of application.  Your account will be charged at the time of the Lottery Drawing applied for, only if you are successful in being awarded a permit. 

2022 Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations and Harvest Reporting Information  

  Lottery Application Periods 

  Lottery 1 Applications Accepted: October 5, 2021 through December 1, 2021

  Lottery 2 Applications Accepted:  December 12, 2021 through January 11, 2022

  Lottery 3 Applications Accepted:  January 22, 2022 through February 9, 2022

  • All hunters are eligible to apply.  No applicant may receive more than three permits in total for Spring Turkey hunting, including lottery-drawn, OTC, youth and Landowner permits.  
  • Click here to submit an online application OR here to print and mail a paper application
  • Group Hunt applications are not accepted in Lottery 3
  • Landowner Spring Turkey permit applicants/recipients may apply in Lottery 3   

 Over-the-Counter Permit Sales

  • County-specific Spring Turkey permits remaining after the Lottery 3 Drawing will be available for sale over the counter from License Vendors beginning March 8, 2022.  Special Hunt Area permits were available only during the Lottery application period and are not sold over the counter. 
  • Permits will be sold until quotas are exhausted, or until the close of season May 12, 2022. Persons may purchase one or more permits during this period, subject to availability, except that no one may exceed the limit of 3 permits in total, including lottery-drawn, youth, landowner, and OTC permits.


  • Resident Landowner Application (R-POH application) Eligible resident landowners who select the Spring Turkey Program on the application will receive one Spring Turkey Landowner permit, which is valid for all 5 seasons of the Northern or Southern Zone in which the Landowner's property is located. Spring Turkey landowner permit recipients are not eligible to apply for a Lottery 1 Spring Turkey permit.