Illinois Nature Preserves Invasive Species Management Guidelines

Non-native and native aggressive plant species for which specific control recommendations are given in the Vegetation Management Manual (Vol. 1, numbers 1-40)

Herbicide Reference Tool (This spreadsheet lists current Illinois Nature Preserves Commission (INPC) approved herbicides by species. Download and save to sort information by herbicide trade name, active ingredients, species name, etc. All columns in the spreadsheet have a "sort" feature. See the 2nd worksheet/tab for an easy calculator for use in determining amount of concentrate needed when mixing. Disclaimer: Modification of data in the 1st worksheet (tab labeled "VMG-Herbicide Data") invalidates information regarding herbicides approved for use at INPC sites.)

Vol. 1 Vegetation ManagementNumber (#)ApprovalName
Vegetation ManagementNo. 111/7/1990 Vegetation Management Introduction
Vegetation Management Manual No. 22/6/1990 Vegetation Management manual overview
Autumn oliveNo. 310/23/2007 VMG Autumn Olive revised 2017
Black locustNo. 410/23/2007 VMG Black locust revised 2017
Buckthorns (alien species)No. 510/23/2007 VMG Buckthorns revised 2017
Bush honeysucklesNo. 65/1/2007 VMG Bush honeysuckle revised 2017
Canada thistleNo. 710/26/2004 VMG Canada thistle revised 2017
Crown vetchNo. 810/26/2004 VMG Crown vetch revised 2017
FescueNo. 92/5/2002 VMG Fescue revised 2017
Garlic mustardNo. 105/1/2007 VMG Garlic mustard revised 2017
Japanese honeysuckleNo. 1110/29/2002 VMG Japanese honeysuckle revised 2017
Johnson grassNo. 1210/26/2004 VMG Johnson grass revised 2017
Leafy spurgeNo. 1310/23/2007 VMG Leafy spurge revised 2017
MoneywortNo. 142/6/1990 VMG Moneywort revised 2017
Multiflora roseNo. 1510/23/2007 VMG Multiflora rose revised 2017
Osage orangeNo. 162/1/2005 VMG Osage orange revised 2017
Purple loosestrifeNo. 1710/23/2007 VMG Purple loosestrife revised 2017
Quaking aspenNo. 188/8/2006 VMG Quaking aspen revised 2017
Reed canary grassNo. 195/6/2003 VMG Reed canary grass revised 2017
Round-leaved bittersweetNo. 205/6/2003 VMG Round-leaved bittersweet revised 2017
Siberian elmNo. 2110/23/2007 VMG Siberian elm revised 2017
Smooth sumacNo. 2210/23/2007 VMG Smooth sumac revised 2017
Sweet clover (white and yellow)No. 232/6/2007 VMG Sweet clover revised 2017
Cut-leaved and common teaselNo. 245/7/2007 VMG Teasels revised 2017
White poplarNo. 252/1/2005 VMG White poplar revised 2017
Wild parsnipNo. 262/6/2007 VMG Wild parsnip revised 2017
Wintercreeper (climbing euonymus)No. 278/8/2006 VMG Wintercreeper revised 2017
Kentucky bluegrassNo. 285/1/2007 VMG Kentucky bluegrass revised 2017
Smooth bromeNo. 292/5/2002 VMG Smooth brome revised 2017
Honey locustNo. 305/6/2003 VMG Honey locust revised 2017
White mulberryNo. 315/6/2003 VMG White mulberry revised 2017
KudzuNo. 325/7/2002 VMG Kudzu revised 2017
Sericea lespedezaNo. 3310/29/2002 VMG Sericea lespedeza revised 2017
Gray dogwoodNo. 3410/23/2007 VMG Gray dogwood revised 2017
Tree-of-heavenNo. 355/7/2002 VMG Tree-of-heaven revised 2017
Chinese yamNo. 3610/26/2004 VMG Chinese yam revised 2017
Spotted knapweedNo. 3710/26/2004 VMG Spotted knapweed revised 2017
PhragmitesNo. 388/5/2005 VMG Phragmites (common reed) revised 2017
Japanese Stilt GrassNo. 392/6/2007 VMG Japanese stilt grass revised 2017
Japanese Hops No. 40 2/6/2007 VMG Japanese hops revised 2017
Musk ThistleNo. 4110/23/2007 VMG Musk thistle revised 2017
Dame's RocketNo. 4210/23/2007 VMG Purple or Dames rocket revised 2017

Vol. 2Number (#)ApprovalName
Herbicide Use and Application11/7/1990 Herbicide Use and Application
Control of Animal Populations
White-tailed Deer Management in Illinois Nature PreservesNo. 110/18/2005 White-tailed Deer Management
A vegetation monitoring program for assessing deer damage on Illinois Department of Natural Resources properties1/8/1990 Vegetation Monitoring Program
Mosquito ControlNo. 25/17/1991 Mosquito Control
Illinois Plant Translocation and Restoration PolicyNo. 3 Illinois Plant Policy
Illinois Nature preserves Commission Policy and Procedures for Translocation of Animal SpeciesNo. 4 9/15/2015 Policy-Translocations of Animals